Esha Gupta steps to support India; drops photos from Lakshadweep Islands

Esha Gupta is a model and an actress. She recently went on vacation to the Maldives and Lakshadweep Islands. She shared pictures on Instagram from Lakshadweep Islands with the caption Esha wrote,” Take me back to the most beautiful beach to the sand in my feet to the sun on my face to the magic in Lakshadweep can’t wait to go back #exploreIndiaislands #mera India”.

Esha Gupta steps to support India; drops photos from Lakshadweep Islands

Esha’s pics sets fire on Instagram:

She joined the trend of Bollywood celebrities who came in support of India and shared photos of Lakshadweep’s vacation. Esha Gupta is popularly known for setting fire with her gorgeous pictures. She said she took pictures in a bikini from her vacation. She followed to support the Explore Indian Islands initiative started by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and posted her photos from Lakshadweep Island gateway on Instagram. Recently she visited Lakshadweep and dived in the clean water of the island. Her post came after the post of many other celebrities supporting the campaign started by Narendra Modi exploreIndianislands

One of the fans commented on her post that “Thanks, Esha, you might be the first who is inspiring and influencing the youth and your followers to visit your own country and explore their land”.

Esha Gupta sets fire to The Instagram wall with her fantastic pictures which are liked by thousands of her fans gaining immense support. Fans aren’t getting tired of appreciating her.

Our respected Prime Minister Narendra Modi shared pictures from Maldives and asked people to visit the island. After that council member Progressive Party of Maldives, Zahid Rameez gave a controversial statement saying that “India could never compete with Maldives.” The statement went viral and netizens demanded to apologize, many Bollywood celebrities supported the same and asked to apologize to PM Modi. After this Indians started boycotting their trips to Maldives and cancelled their tour. 8000 + people have canceled their trips recently to the Maldives.

Isha’s post Is Loved by thousands of followers and appreciate her for her inspiring post to support India and Indian Islands. So to support our Prime Minister Esha joined the campaign and dropped her pictures in support. After that, her post went viral on social media platforms gaining immense appreciation from fans. 

Many Bollywood celebrities supported this campaign to boycott Maldives

Akshay Kumar says,” Why should we tolerate such unprovoked hate?”

Sachin Tendulkar says, “India is blessed with beautiful coastlines”

The boycott of Maldives trends on X. After that many Bollywood celebrities like Akshay Kumar, Salman Khan, and Sachin Tendulkar came up to visit Lakshadweep Islands and ask the fans to visit and explore their own country instead of going to other lands and boycott their visit to Maldives as it insults our prime minister.

Conclusion: Maldives is a dream destination for every youth to visit in life. But after that tweet from the minister of Maldives. It disappointed many of the people not only Indians but for everyone who supports India. The netizens asked him to apologize but he did not, so #boycottMaldives is going well and it has been appealed by the people of India not to visit there and explore their land and its immense beauty.

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