Ashram 4 Bobby Deol as Baba Nirala

Bobby Deol, the famed actor known for his part in the absorbing Indian web series Aashram, took to Instagram on June 3, 2022, to unveil the important-awaited teaser for Aashram season 4. Accompanied by the hashtags “#Aashram4 ” and “#TeaserOutNow, ” the caravan drop coincided with the premiere of season 3, serving both as promotional content for the ongoing season and tantalizing regard into the unborn narrative.

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About Aashram series:

Aashram, which originally premiered on MX Player in August 2020, follows the intricate tale of Baba Nirala, portrayed by Bobby Deol, an attractive tone-placarded practitioner with a massive following. Unknown to his devoted votaries, Baba Nirala is a cunning conman exploiting their finances for particular extravagance and manipulating original politics.

The series takes an engaging turn as it introduces SI Ujagar Singh, played by Darshan Kumar, an indifferent police officer stumbling upon a murder case that entangles him with Baba and his zealous followers. The Aashram saga unfolded fleetly, with season 2 following hot on the heels of the first investiture in November 2020. Season 3 debuted in June 2022, concluding with a gripping thriller that left observers hankering for further, especially considering Baba’s triumph at the end of the season.

Although there has been no sanctioned evidence from authoritative sources, Bobby Deol, the star of the show, revealed in June 2022 that Aashram season 4 is on the channel. In a move that sparked excitement among suckers, he participated a teaser for the forthcoming season on his Instagram account, intimating the durability of the immersing narrative. While no specific release date has been out, the expectation girding Aashram season 4 remains palpable.

The capstone of Aashram season 3 witnessed Baba thrusting to the deified status of “ Bhagwan, ” signifying a god- suchlike figure to his followers. With this newfound power, season 4 will claw into Baba’s grim pursuit to maintain this godly title.


The Ashram web series was renamed Ek Badnaam Aashram in response to ongoing contestation and review. The story of season 4 will continue where the story of season 3 ended. As the Aashram series may come to an end in season 4, the plot will take numerous unanticipated turns.

Pammi’s marriage is the subject of enterprise, and people want to know why she went back to Aasharm after a delicate escape. Pammi will be constrained and hovered by Bhopa in Season 4. whether or not Baba Nirala will be restrained in the show. We must stay to learn that.

The series was created specifically to raise mindfulness of the wide exploitation and violence committed in the name of religion. People’s eyeless faith in Baba and others ’ abuse of the belief.


In December 2020, the Jodhpur Court served a legal notice to Bobby Deol and director Prakash Jha after Karni Sena filed a case against the actor and the director for hurting their sentiments and stated that the show is an attempt to discredit Hinduism and Ashrams.

Aashram season 4 trailer:

Baba sounds angry at someone in Aashram.

The trailer for Aashram season 4 shows Baba standing in front of a driver saying,” I’m God. I’m above your law. I’ve created this heaven. How can you arrest God?” It also goes on to show Pammi willingly returning to Baba’s ashram.

Still, Baba’s assistant Bhopa Singh tells Pammi to stay down before the teaser ends with her dressed as a bridegroom. It appears that Pammi and Baba’s relationship could be the main plot of Aashram season 4.

Aashram 4 Release Date

The audience who has finished the former seasons and is anticipating the fourth season is given information similar to the release date and time of Aashram 4, the plot, the cast, news in Hindi, and other data. In expectation of the forthcoming season, observers who are impatiently searching for Aashram 4.

The show is a case-working series featuring different culprits and different types of crimes. Prakash Jha is the director of the contentious TV program Aashram. The generators have formerly released three seasons. Aashram Season 4 is a popular television series with a devoted addict base.

The first three seasons were extensively successful, and suckers from around the world eagerly await new occurrences to follow the story of Baba Nirala and his followers. Excitingly, Aashram Season 4 is set to release on December 29, 2024.


While a teaser was formerly dropped in 2022, it was anticipated that Bobby Deol would return as Baba Nirala in 2023 itself. Still, easily, the series is delayed. The sanctioned summary of the occasion reads that Hukum is facing demurrers from his press while Sunderlal joins hands with Baba. Ujagar helps Pammi by getting her attorneys. The trial takes a turn when Baba reveals he’s devitalized.

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