Shah Rukh Khan’s decision to push Raees to January 26!

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raees-movie-cast-and-crew-shahrukh-khan-wiki-bio Shah Rukh Khan’s decision to push Raees to January 26!
Shah Rukh Khan along with Excel Entertainment’s Ritesh Sidhwani and Farhan Akhtar announced that Raees has now been postponed to January 26 next year. So we thought of asking trade experts if it’s a beneficial decision or not and this is what they said.

Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees getting pushed to 2017 could be a good decision, feel Trade experts!
In fact, Mohan feels it wasn’t a good decision to clash anyway. “It’s my personal opinion that had Raees rivaled Sultan, it would have been a suicide. We don’t have those many cinemas. We don’t have 8000 screens that two big hero films on 4000 screens each could make a killing. And then it is a YRF film that they will be competing with. We know Excel is a prominent banner as well, but the point is YRF is bullish in these kind of matter and they have to be because it’s a big film for them too. So it will be unfair. We are not China which has 10000 screens. It has more influence of Hollywood films than Bollywood or local films and it can all survive well. You just saw what happened to The Jungle Book and Fan. They are competing in the same screens and places. So when people have choice to go watch Shah Rukh Khan which has great word of mouth and reviews which at the same time is competing with a movie which has already proven, people love that film even though it is not in our native language. People still go and patronize that. So India doesn’t have the liberty to release two big films like that,” says Mohan.

He is also of the opinion that had Fan done better at the box office, things would have been the other way round. “For instance if Fan had done well to around 100-200 crores hypothetically, Sultan would have been in a fix. It could have just scared Sultan off. But given the position Fan has got itself into, you are on a backfoot. I don’t know if it’s a wise decision but I feel it is a right decision to make right now. When a SRK film doesn’t even cross 80 cr properly, you know there is a problem. It’s a very simple psychological assessment of the situation,” elaborates Mohan.

Another Trade expert Amod Mehra was pretty blunt about Raees’ credibility. He said, “Any film which is announced and keeps on delaying loses credibility more and more. Credibility diminishes. It never improves. The more they push it, it will be more bad for them especially after Fan not working. It will give wrong signals to fans of Shah Rukh Khan, ki Shah Rukh dar gaya and as it is said in Sholay, jo dar gaya woh mar gaya. Raees is about underworld, maybe a bit of Robinhood. Now they are trying to making him that. Actually, he is not a robinhood. He is a bootlegger. When it’s Eid or Diwali or Christmas, you want to see happy films. You don’t want to see underworld or don. Sultan will be a family film. It will have lighter moments. It will take a bigger opening, so what’s the point of clashing then. See what happened to Dilwale. Bajirao Mastani didn’t get squashed.

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