‘You get intimidated working with Salman Khan’ ‘When he walks into a room, you know a star has arrived.’

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Disha Patani may be intimidated working with Salman Khan, but she also really enjoyed the experience.

After Bharat, the two paired up again in Radhe, which will see a world television premiere on September 26 on &Pictures.

“When I told my parents that I am doing a film with Salman Khan, they were so excited. After all, he is the biggest star in the country,”

Radhe was your second project with Salman Khan. Were you ever intimated by him?

All the time! He has such a strong personality.

You do get intimidated working with him.

When he walks into a room, you know a star has arrived.

So for sure, I was intimidated.

At the same time, he was really sweet to work with. He makes sure that you are feeling comfortable.

He cracks jokes on the sets. So it was fun working with him.

Has working with Salman Khan given a boost to your career?

For sure. When I told my parents that I am doing a film with Salman Khan, they were so excited.

After all, he is the biggest star in the country.

The film was released on OTT and attained huge success. But do you think the digital medium takes away from the charm of a movie like Radhe, which is larger-than-life and is usually a theatre film?

Honestly, I don’t have any idea about that. Until and unless it releases on whichever platform or medium, you can’t really think of the results.

You cannot gauge how it will go, especially at a time like this where theatres are not even open.

I can’t even imagine people going out to a theatre, but hopefully soon.

Also, I feel lucky that even in that situation, our film got released, and it got the kind of love that it got.

Despite huge box office successes, you seem to be picky about your roles. Why?

I don’t think it is about being picky.

If there is an opportunity where you are given something that you really want to do, then you put your heart in it.

So when I read something and I feel that this is a part that I can give my heart to and I would love to do it, I would.

There are times when I don’t feel it, and I don’t take up the project.

It is just what comes from inside.

How do you deal with the constant scrutiny and media attention considering you are quite an introvert?

Well, yes, it is true I am an introvert.

I get very awkward around people.

Luckily, there are no events happening now so I am pretty comfortable in my own space.

But yes, I do get very shy around a lot of people.

But this is the career that I have chosen, and it has its perks and problems.

I won’t actually call it a problem because a lot of people struggle to be at a position where I am today.

I would, therefore, not complain.

You have a terrific screen presence. How do you feel when you see yourself on screen?

I usually do not like watching myself on screen.

I do not see my films that much because I get very nervous.

Whenever my scenes come, I just shut my eyes.

I am very shy that way. I don’t like watching (myself on screen).

I don’t like anything that I do (on screen).

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