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Here are some pics from Raman and Ishita’s consummation scene in the upcoming episode. Check em’ out!

In the last episode, we saw Raman being pissed with Ishita for wearing a dress that didn’t suit her. The latter was amazed at Raman’s behaviour and wondered why he was behaving this way.

At the party, Raman ignored Ishita and was mingling with other colleagues. Ishita felt left out and stood in one corner. Things turned ugly when Raman started dancing with another woman and Ishita spotted this. She fumed and was heartbroken. Ashok noticed her and approached her,saying that Raman was doing a wrong thing by treating her like this. The episode will end with Ishita walking out of the party and breaking down.

In the upcoming episode, we will see Ashok(Sangram Singh)using Ishita’s heartbroken state as an opportunity to get close to her. He will spike her drink and Ishita will get dizzy and lose her consciousness. Ashok will then whisk her away to a hotel room and attempt to rape her. Right then, Shagun(Anita Hassanandani) will barge in stop Ashok, followed by Raman. Later, Raman will take Ishita to another hotel room and not home, in order to avoid being seen by the Bhallas. Ishita will regain her consciousness and will start taunting Raman for the way he treated her at the party. Soon IshRa would get into a heated argument and Ishita will end up slapping Raman , twice! Things will turn steamy when Raman would grab Ishita and kiss ‘ahem ahem!

Check out these stills from the scene:

WHOA, Raman and Ishita’s love-making scene will surely be a wild one eh? Excited YHM fans? Post your thoughts in the comments below and check out the pictures!

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