Will Katrina Kaif accept a Hollywood offer? The actress answers…

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Will Katrina Kaif accept a Hollywood offer? The actress answers… cat There was a time when actresses used to try their luck at regional cinema if Bollywood wasn’t generous towards them. Many B-town actresses went down South to become huge successes there. But the latest trend is that Hollywood is eyeing a lot of our top-billed actresses and making them one of their own. Priyanka Chopra has already become a massive name in the West by just being part of an American show as a lead character. Her debut film is yet to release. Deepika Padukone, too, had a big Hollywood debut. So GM asked Katrina Kaif as to what were her thoughts regarding a Hollywood debut and she answered in the affirmative. But conditions do apply.

Katrina says, “As an actor, I want to be part of good films. This (Bollywood) is my industry, this is my home, a place that has obviously given me my career and so much more.” She then adds, “But if someone from there comes to me with a good offer, there is no reason why I would not want to do it. Especially, for me, in a place where the language is my first language and the added bonus of listening to English scripts. For me, it will be a lovely experience to do a Hollywood film at some point.” As for the accent and diction, Katrina will be a perfect fit for a Hollywood film but the lady also lists out the difficulties that such an ambition might bring.

Katrina says, “The other steps for getting into Hollywood like an agent, manager, building a base there, etc, is a bit painstaking and a time-consuming process and something I need to dedicate a little more time to. It would be lovely and something I would love to do, of course, but it’s not something that I have the time for, immediately.”

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