When I was 21, someone tried to misbehave with me,’ says Gautam Gulati as he shares his #MeToo story

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‘When I was 21, someone tried to misbehave with me,’ says Gautam Gulati as he shares his #MeToo story
Actor Gautam Gulati is back in action after a year-long hiatus. The actor who is known for his sartorial splendor and his victory in the eighth season of Bigg Boss is ready with his new project. Just before his movie Operation Cobra releases as a digital series, we caught up with him over an exclusive conversation. Gautam who was quite excited about his project shared a lot that happened in his life over the years. In a shocking revelation, Gautam shared his #MeToo story.

Sharing his opinion on the revolutionary #MeToo movement, the 31-year-old said, “It was a good movement. My full power to all the women who are suffering due to men. I feel all women should raise their voice and should not suffer in silence. A woman is so strong that a man is incomplete without her. Taking her advantage sexually is cheap.”

For those who did not know, Gautam started his career as a model and it is often said that in the modeling industry, men become the victim of harassment. Gulati narrated his ordeal from his early days in the showbiz industry. “It did happen to me! Somebody tried on me, way back 10 years ago. When I was 21 years old, somebody tried to misbehave and I completely went against that guy. Obviously, I was thrown out of the modeling shoot but I didn’t care. I anyway wanted to be an actor, so modeling wasn’t that imperative for me. So it was easy for me to do it (go against the harasser),” Gulati reminisced.

He also revealed that the harasser wasn’t a famous personality, but “an agent from Delhi.” “There are many fashion agencies in Delhi, he was from there. A guy tried on me, but you should always have the guts to say no to them. You cannot let them take advantage of you,” he implied.

Gautam who runs a fashion business in London says that as a boss it is paramount for him to treat his

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