Want six pack abs like Race 3 actor Saqib Saleem? Here’s the diet you need to follow! Follow this diet to get six pack abs like Race 3 star Saqib Saleem!

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Want six pack abs like Race 3 actor Saqib Saleem? Here’s the diet you need to follow!
Follow this diet to get six pack abs like Race 3 star Saqib Saleem!
Saqib Saleem surprised everyone after he underwent a major transformation recently. After a major back injury left him bedridden for months, the actor gained a lot of weight. Being a lean guy all his life, Saqib was really unhappy with all the gain. So as soon as he recovered, the Race 3 actor started working double time to get back in shape. The film also happened in between, so he had to build a certain physique. He worked out and ate clean, giving him the perfect body, along with six pack abs. But how did he achieve it? What was his diet and his fitness regime? Well, we have got you covered! Here are all the details that you need to know to get six pack abs like Saqib Saleem.

If you are imagining that you will get a physique like him in a couple of weeks, then let us break it to you that it’s not happening! In fact, it will take at least a minimum of three months of your complete dedication, as Saqib mentioned to us exclusively, “I took me three and a half months to get in shape. I underwent an intensive workout regime with my trainer, Vilayat Husain. I dislocated my left thumb during this too, but I still continued. I did two hours of workout along with action practice for Race 3 and that helped me achieve this look.” But wait, there’s more! Only the workout won’t help you get such a hot bod and the six packs. Saqib adds that the right kind of food actually plays a major part.

As Saqib revealed to us exclusively, “I ate the cleanest food. In fact, I had constant fights with the cook as she used to add things like butter, oil, that I told no to. I wanted to eat the cleanest food and hence, I started ordering meal boxes from this particular place. I have to tell you, workout sessions won’t help you as much as eating the right food.” Now, you must be wondering what you should be eating, right? Well, we’ve got Saqib’s diet chart right here, exclusively for you. Check it out right here!
Saqib Saleem Diet-Plan-Chart-2

Basically you will have to have a proper, balanced intake of proteins, fats and carbs. His diet plan even tells us to divide our meals into six parts, with proper intake of water, nearly 5 litres, over the day. So try out this regime and achieve the six pack abs that you always desired. In the meantime, tell us as to what do you guys think about Saqib Saleem’s hot bod for Race 3 in the comments section below! Also stay tuned to BollywoodLife as we get you all the dope about Race 3 right here.

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