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Tourism ministry to start ‘Know Your India’ drive

New Delhi: Union Minister of Culture and Tourism Mahesh Sharma Tuesday said the government wants youth and children to see hidden gems across India before they head abroad for holidaying and for this it plans to launch ‘Bharat Ko Jaano’ (Know Your India) drive soon..
“India is an unexplored treasure hunt, so if energies are channelised in the right direction, we will have more Indians waiting to explore the unknown destinations in India,” said Sharma during an informal interaction with media.
“How many of you have visited Delhi zoo?” asked Sharma.
“We feel trips to domestic places that add knowledge about our history and culture will benefit if introduced in school curriculum,” he added.
However, he was quick to add that the proposal is in a preliminary stage.
When he was asked how the culture ministry plans to ensure the safety of monuments that are still neglected irrespective of being taken care of by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), Sharma said: “We have heard that ASI is not working up to the mark and we believe it.”
“But we hope to tackle this issue, along with many others swiftly and surely,” he added

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