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Jackie Shroff on fatherhood, his two screen sons and their off-screen personas

Jackie Shroff doesn’t believe in holding back or being diplomatic. Be it his love for his on-screen sons Akshay Kumar and Sidharth Malhotra in Brothers, or his equation with Anil Kapoor or not meddling in son Tiger’s career, the actor was at his candid best when he spoke to us…

Who’s a better screen son: Akshay or Sid?

You can’t differentiate between sons. One can never compare one’s kids. I have two kids – Tiger and Krishna – how can I say who’s better? Dono ke bina kaam nahi hota hai, boss.

Who’s stronger between your on-screen sons?

I would want nobody to win or lose. It’s not about youth. According to me, I am the strongest. Purana ghee is better. It’s not about age, it’s about what you are consuming. Aaj kal ka hawa, paani, khaana…sab ka game bajela hai. Back then, people used to have ghee, now they say don’t have it!

Between Akshay and Sid if you were to take on someone, who would that be?

None of them. They are bloody tough. Sid has youth, Akki’s strength is regimental. Hum log soda bottle guys, these guys make physical contact.

Among your on-screen children, who is naughtier?

TAkshay, without a doubt. I was in the middle of an emotional scene, hugging them and fully into it, but when I turned away, all my shirt buttons were unbuttoned. That’s Akki…

You have known him for many years…

He used to work for this photographer Jayesh Seth. He had once brought my photos. He remembers this. We have worked in Aan and some other films, but we didn’t have that great an equation, but then he got married to my best friend’s daughter (Dimple’s daughter Twinkle). And gradually, we also did Bhagam Bhag and another film together. In London, while shooting for Bhagam Bhag, I realised he’s very mischievous. When I would sit and some girls would come and talk to me, he would come and slyly touch my feet and run way. He would do that to make sure people knew I was senior and they are the younger ones. (Laughs)

You guys obviously had a great time.

We did. Akshay’s tiffin would be healthy stuff, Sid has his six-pack meals and I would go with my dhokla, patra and some shrikhand. I was the one who would destroy their diets. Not that it made a difference, they looked good.

On the sets there was a lot of bonding among the Punjabis – Akshay, Sidharth and director Karan Malhotra, did you feel left out?

No, how can I? They were always looking for my shrikhand. It was always a warm welcome. They would always say ‘give us dhokla, fafda’. Gujarati father and Punjabi sons are a great combination.

Anil recently played a dad in Dil Dhadakne Do. Who do you think is a better dad: Anil or you?

I am a better dad – personally, in reality and otherwise. His wife has said so. There was a time when my kids were young, I used to come down from Delhi to meet Tiger (Shroff). I remember once I was shooting with Anil in Chennai, I would come back to meet Tiger, he wouldn’t. His wife would tell him, ‘Why can’t you be like Jackie?’ So, tell me who is better? I didn’t say it I am just saying what his wife said.

Tiger has been seen with Disha Patani, are they dating?

I hope so. Nobody tells me who they are dating. I don’t talk to them about my girls.

Do you advise Tiger on the kind of films he should do?

No. I can’t give myself advice.

You have worked with SRK and AK…

Both have come from outside the industry and made it big. Both of them used to be quiet, but have great business sense. They have started from the bottom rung and reached the pinnacle. Shah Rukh talks well, Akshay is little easy on talk. They are both superb. These are guys my son Tiger should follow. He should make his career and life like them.

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