“The day Salman Khan starts accepting awards, there will be nobody else.” – Sohail Khan

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We catch up with Sohail Khan for an exclusive interview and he chats all things Tubelight and Salman Khan…

Brother love…

Arbaaz and Salman both are older than me, so I have a tremendous amount of respect. But the good thing is, with that respect we have a combination of being friends also. Anything that we need to convey to each other, there is no problem with that. my best friend is my family. I can talk to my father, I can talk to my brother my sisters. Hum as nucleus me rahte hai jahan hum believe karate hain ki our family is our biggest strength.

We have a unity and credit goes to my parents, because we learnt from them. How they bring us up. We all brothers, mom, dad din me ek bar to set me Khana zaroor khate hain. That is not by force. We don’t call each other, but somewhere down the line Humko pata hai ki daddy Ghar pe hain, ya Bhai hai to hum apne aap Ghar pe pahunch jaate hain. We respect each others lives. We give them space. We don’t interfere in each other’s life. Everybody enjoys him selves. We all have a different personality and a different life, but we are a joint family. We get normal conversation, talk to each other.

We all brothers are same size. Kabhi Salman bhai shoot se seedhe mere ghar aate hain to mere kapde pehan lete hain. Sometimes I wear Arbaaz’s clothes, sometimes he wears my shirt. So we used to exchange our clothes.
We don’t fight with each other now, because we have grown up. But when Salman Bhai and Arbaaz Bhai were small they used to fight because they were growing together, that is common in every sibling. I was much younger, so nobody used to fight with me. I used to follow Salman Bhai and Arbaaz Bhai.

Arpita is the most pampered…

Arpita, being the youngest is the most pampered at the house. There is a lot of credit which should be given to my parents. We all lived very simple life. We all are family oriented. Daddy n eek baar jo kah diya wo patthar ki lakeer hota hai. Then we don’t discuss at all on that topic. No argument. We genuinely believe ki daddy and mummy’s intention can never be wrong. We blindly follow them.

Arbaaz Bhai is self content…

Where Arbaaz Bhai is concerned, I feel he has a quality of be happy with himself. He reads a lot. He is very self content. He’s not bothered ki doosre log kya kar rahe hain… mujhe bhi aisa karna chahiye. He goes with the flow of things.
One (Salman) sees great popularity and one (Arbaaz) is seeing creatively. There was always a nice balance in both of them that they admire each others place. And I admire both of them.

Salman bhai is very grounded…

Though Salman bhai is such a mega star of our country he is still very grounded. He is not somebody who you can butter polish. He knows ki kon chane ke jhaad pe chadha raha hai. You can’t make him happy just by praising him. He understands everyone’s intension. Now he has honest people around him. That is the one thing that I learnt from him that we are sorted, we are settled. So you have to be yourself, you have to be confident, be what you are, not what people make you to be. Salman Bhai is very hard working and luck was on his side. He has great stardom. Very few people can get that time of Barkat.

Salman Khan is an open book…

Salman Bhai doesn’t accept awards, but if you will see his growth as an actor, he is genuinely very good looking and popular man. But more than popular and good looking he is a tremendous actor. The day he starts accepting awards, there would be nobody else. At least for the past five years, the kind of performances he has given for his characters, he is one of the best actors we have. And he is like clay. You can mould him. You can do comedy with him, emotional role with him. He is in superb in action.
Salman Bhai is an open book. There is nothing to know about him. Wo apni zindagi sab ke saath khol kar jeete hain isliye log advantage bhi le lete hain

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