Sourabh Raaj Jain on playing a feminist Lord Shiva in Mahakali: I could relate to that aspect of the character

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Sourabh Raaj Jain won over a lot of hearts as Lord Shiva in Mahakali – Anth Hi. The show just came to an end and fans will sorely miss seeing Pooja B Sharma and him as the perfect couple of Shiv – Parvati on the show. The fact that Lord Shiva was shown on the show as a perfect friend, supporter, motivator and guide has warmed many hearts. In fact, the character was hundred times more feminist than the so-called modern men of Indian TV shows. BollywoodLife caught up with the actor for an exclusive chat…

What will you miss most about Mahakali?
I am going to miss the entire cast and crew of Mahakali. My directors, all the cameramen and lightmen,the rest of my cast and just about everyone involved with the show. They were all great to work with and it was an awesome association with them all!

People really loved how Shiva was a total feminist in these series. What insight does it give you into the Lord?
When I was told that I had to play Mahadev’s character, I was extremely apprehensive about it. I never thought I could play the role of Shiva, especially after playing the role of Krishna! So that was just not something I had on my list. Though when I got the narration of the role, I was told that the Shankar part of Shiva was going to be shown through the show, in which he is the head of the family, where he supports his wife the most. So yes we can say that he was a total feminist in the showm which was actually a very good aspect of the show. This is something which I can relate to in my personal life as well. I have seen my own mother working since my childhood. She is a lawyer by profession. So it is actually quite a good thing. According to me, it doesn’t matter whether you are a boy or girl, but as long as you have a goal in life which you are working towards, that is what should ideally matter!

Don’t you feel fed up with the stereotyping? Any different role you want to play?
I hate to say this but yes I do. Why I hate to say this is because I have always said to myself and conveyed to others as well that I am not someone who can be stereotyped, considering the kind of shows that I have done. I started off with Remix which was a youth based show, did Parichay, then Uttaran which was had me play a negative role. There was a time when I was doing Mahadev and Uttaran together. One had me in a negative role and the other in Lord Vishnu’s avatar. I was in a very happy zone. Then Mahabharat happened, which of course was the turning point in my career. But after Mahabharat, all the calls in the industry came majorly for mythological roles. I had actually refused so many of them until I got Mahakali, which was for Shiva’s character. I took that one as a challenge, as I had played Krishna earlier and now Shiva. They are both poles apart which I definitely had wanted to experiment with. Though now post Mahakali, I really hope that the calls I get for work are not for mythological shows.

Any funny moment with a fan as you have been a God throughout?
I haven’t really played God throughout my career! Haha! Though all the moments that I have had with fans have been really amazing! Its been that way from the time of Remix in fact! People still remember me from Remix as my character Aman. Even the characters I played on Uttaran and Parichay are still recognized by people. So nothing funny as such.

How has fatherhood changed your life?
Fatherhood has changed things in a way that earlier the feeling of responsibility used to be extremely scary, and now the same feeling of responsibility is beautiful! I love this phase of my life! I just want to see my kids happy all the time! And I will do whatever I have to do for that.

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