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Do fad diets actually help? Is cooking in ghee better than cooking in vegetable oil? Rashi Chowdhary, nutritionist and inchloss expert and the owner of The Protein Bake Shop, on the dos and donts of weightloss

Do you think fad diets are useful when it comes to reducing weight?

Well, fad diets are an absolute waste of your time, effort, money and most often muscle! That’s why the weight drops off so quickly and comes right back on when you resume normal eating. We need to stop treating our health like fashion. You can’t keep going on and off fad diets depending on which one’s in season because your fave celeb went on it! Your body will never change if you don’t change your attitude towards it. Eating in balance and according to your fitness goals will take time, effort and patience but the peace of mind and health it gives your body is unparalleled. People who eat well and focus on fitness exuberate a very different attractive, addictive vibe as compared to those who are always trying different diets and complaining about how nothing works. You need to choose which side you want to live on. Once you choose health and fitness over “deadline” dieting, you’ll never want it any other way.

Which are the foods that can aid the process of inchloss?

Here are my top 10 fave foods that will really accelerate inchloss. Eat them over and over again in different simple preparations to see how your body changes.

Whole eggs


Paleo almond butter

Pasteurised butter


Sweet potato

White rice (no more than 1 cup cooked for one meal)

Coconut milk

Black coffee

Green vegetables

Can you recommend some steps that ought to be taken to reduce inches as fast as possible?

a) Eat as soon as you wake up. Do not delay this meal. If you are looking to burn more fat start with some healthy fats like almonds, avocado or a tablespoon of virgin coconut oil.

b) Add a minimum of 5 grams of protein to your mid snacks. Low-carb almond cookies, peanut butter slice or chocolate stacks, all have above 5 grams per piece. A cup of yoghurt with flaxseed powder, half a scoop of protein shake with blueberries, two slices of full fat cheese with olives are also great fat burning snacks!

c) Eat according to your body clock. Not everyone needs to eat every 2 hours. A lot of people tend to gain weight with this strategy. So eat when you are hungry instead but do not starve yourself. That will definitely work against you.

d) Hydrate well all through the day. Being dehydrated will only put extra loads on your liver, which is where 80 per cent of your fat metabolism takes place. Off load it, nourish it and you’ll get rid of some inches too.

What should an ideal meal plan look like?

An ideal meal plan is the one that makes you feel mentally and physically fit. A plan where you are not constantly obsessing over food and a plan that keeps your cravings away. You need to set a fitness goal for yourself, get a full body fat analysis done and work up a strategy that focuses on making you lose fat and not “just” weight! It should be free of processed food and have an abundant supply of nutrients from fresh food and nutritional supplements.

Tell us about the Protein Bake Shop and what was the idea behind setting it up?

Protein Bake Shop is not just a healthier version of your favourite dessert. When you look closely at the nutrition label and ingredients, you’ll see how it’s a healthy snacking option for anyone trying to lose weight/ get fit/ fighting with allergies and intolerances and gain muscle mass. Anyone battling with sugar addictions and wanting to make improvements in their eating habits will benefit from switching to wholesome baking with natural sugars at the Protein Bake Shop. Also, people with metabolic syndrome like Type 2 diabetes, PCOD, insulin resistance, etc, can turn to the baked stuff from the protein power range, since the total carbs are kept under 10 grams.

I’ve been practicing as a nutritionist for nearly 7 years now, and the amount of misinformation that exists in people’s mind about nutrition has always made me want to do something about it. People need to go beyond concepts like calorie counting, truly understand the effect of whole wheat, low fat dairy on their body and how it might not be the best option. Also, the misconception that fat is bad for you and your cholesterol and gives you heart attacks! In my opinion, all these nutritional beliefs come in the way of us leading healthier life’s. The concept of Protein Bake Shop is based on new age nutritional science where nutrients matter more than calories, fat is good for you, refined sugar is an absolute NO and ingredients like wheat and dairy are not what marketing gimmicks make them seem like. The quality and processing methods of these ingredients are compromised heavily, which makes them nutritionally very different compared to what they use to be decades ago.

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