Should you eat eggs every day? We have the answer

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Should you eat eggs every day? We have the answer

1/9​Should you eat eggs every day?
​Should you eat eggs every day?
SHOULD YOU EAT EGGS EVERY DAY? Eggs have often found themselves centered around debates. Some say they are healthy, provided they are eaten without yolk, while others argue that yolk is the healthiest part of the egg. After much contemplation and debate, we all know now that yolks should not be consumed on a regular basis as they can raise the cholesterol level and increase your risk of getting a heart disease.

2/9 imagesSome new studies conclude that eggs aren’t dangerous to heart health and have vitamins, protein and minerals in abundance. Another debatable thing about eggs is, if it is okay to eat them every day? If you are also confused about it, read this.

EGGS AND CHOLESTEROL: There is no denying the fact that eggs contain a higher level of dietary cholesterol -185 mg in one egg. But what really raises your cholesterol is the saturated fat in your food and not the cholesterol present in the food.

3/9​The science
​The science
THE SCIENCE: When we consume foods that have cholesterol in them, the cholesterol is broken down in the gut and is not absorbed as whole molecule. On the other hand, the saturated fats break down into short chains of fatty acids that can get linked, and can become responsible for increasing the cholesterol level.

4/9​HDL and LDL
​HDL and LDL
HDL AND LDL: Eating foods that are high in dietary cholesterol, increases cholesterol a little bit. Another important thing to be considered is the ratio of LDL (bad cholesterol) to HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol). Eggs raise HDL more than the LDL, which can increase your risk of heart problems.

5/9​Eggs and heart disease
​Eggs and heart disease
EGGS AND HEART DISEASE: Studies and researches have failed to find a connection between heart health and one egg a day consumption, not even in people whose genetics put them at the risk of heart problems.

6/9​Other studies
​Other studies
OTHER STUDIES: Another study published in the Journal Heart suggests, that eating eggs might even have a protective effect. People who eat one egg every day have 11 per cent lower risk of developing heart disease and 18 per cent lower risk of dying from it. They also had 26 per cent lower risk of haemorrhagic stroke. No one in the group ate more than one egg a day on an average.

The study doesn’t hold true for all the people who eat eggs as they all may be different due to factors like their weight, diet and other lifestyle habits. But overall the finding can be concluded as eggs aren’t bad for you.

7/9​Nutrients in egg
​Nutrients in egg
NUTRIENTS IN EGG: There is a long list of reasons why one should eat eggs. Eggs are rich in vitamin E, folate, selenium, lutein, protein and minerals. All these nutrients play an important role in maintaining brain health, vision, fighting inflammation and keeping you fuller for longer.

8/9​Weight loss and eggs
​Weight loss and eggs
WEIGHT LOSS AND EGGS: One of the best breakfast options for people who are trying to lose weight is eggs. Eggs are rich in protein which keep you fuller for longer. If you eat a breakfast that only has carbs, it will make you feel hungry very soon.

Choose a high fibre and a high carb meal like oatmeal and add eggs (protein) to it, that would make a healthy and heavy breakfast.

9/9​Best way to consume eggs
​Best way to consume eggs
BEST WAY TO CONSUME EGGS: Boiled eggs are the healthiest choice as you really don’t need to add anything to them. But if you don’t like boiled eggs, try cooking eggs in a non-stick pan with a healthy choice of oil.

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