Shilpa Shinde on withdrawing sexual harassment charges against Sanjay Kolhi: If I was a liar, I would not get justice

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Shilpa Shinde is in a very happy space. We have seen that she is looking radiant in her latest photo-shoot. Latest we hear she withdrew the sexual harassment case filed against Sanjay Kohli, the producer of popular TV show Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai. They have come to a mutual agreement, and Shilpa’s pending dues have been cleared. In an exclusive interaction, when we asked her how the process of the truce was initiated, she said, “See, this happened before Bigg Boss 11. A lot of people who know the producers and me said, ‘Shilpa, let’s finish this. We are there for you.’ It was like this is a small industry and so on. People knew that I was wronged but no one came forward initially due to their unity. If they did, this would not have happened. Initially, they did not pay me. Later, I got all my pending dues. So, I was like khatam karna hai, khatam karo… Kisko sooli par chadhana hai.” She says the matter ended before she entered Bigg Boss 11, which is why she was much more relaxed. The actress feels things sorted out on their own. “My tiff with Vikas Gupta ended when Salman Khan explained matters to me. He accepted the issue. I was like chalo chod do, bakra halaal ho gaya hai (laughs out loud),” she said.

Shilpa also says that it takes a lot of courage to bring forward the issue of sexual harassment and also to move on. “There was no point in dragging it. Friends and artistes who knew us intervened. What happened with me was wrong. I at least wanted my money. I quit because of their wrongdoings. If things were sorted then, matters would not have blown out of proportion,” she opines.

The actress has renewed ties in the industry. Has there been a change in perception after her success in Bigg Boss? “I got very little support from the TV industry. Even today, I am hearing stuff that I won because of my cooking and Maharashtrian votes. Their conception about me is unchangeable. Today, where I am is because of my fans. They are so genuine as people. I did not have a PR. It was they who did my PR,” she says.

Sexual harassment is a grave charge. When we asked what kind of message would withdrawing such an allegation send out, given that now Shilpa is a huge public figure, she opined, “Logon ko bas suggestions dena hai. The sufferer knows it best. You see the situation and if the other party is accepting his or her mistake, you end it. Sooli par chada kar kuch nahi milega. When I left the show, I was not paid, and the person was expecting something else, which I could not do for me. No one noticed my trauma. Everyone spoke about how I left the show. I told the channel I was not comfortable with the producer but no one understood. It is a huge thing to say. When I lodged an FIR, I had proof with me. What came to the forefront was real. If my claims were false, no one would have believed me. I had no influence on the police. They claimed I owed them Rs 12.5 crore and were not letting me work. If I was a liar, I would not get justice.”

Well, it seems like the matter ended one and a half year ago and since then, both the parties have maintained silence. It seems there was a mutual agreement not to drag the matter further. However, Shilpa is still upset with Sushant Singh of CINTAA. She says, “It ended before I went to Bigg Boss. Sushant Singh tried his best to prevent me from entering the show. I have nothing against CINTAA though they were useless in helping me get back my hard-earned money. When everything is sorted between producers and me, why does he have to interfere? What kind of enmity does he have against me,” she rues. Well, all’s well that ends well.
When we told Shilpa that she is looking stunning nowadays, the lady replied, “I think it is the glow of success. I have always been successful but what has happened this time is different. It is magical. The kind of love I got, the place I made in people’s hearts and the fact that all misconceptions around me were cleared have brought this glow. I am getting a lot of offers but I am very choosy.”

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