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1.Tell us about yourself in 10 words
Ans: Well I’m a no nonsense person ,living my life on my terms and tweaking them along d way!

2. Your style in 3 words
Ans: Comfortable, sexy , chic.

3. What was your first buy that you have kept all these years
Ans: When I stared working in 97, I bought hot curlers with my first payment and still have it.

4. What fashion memories do you have? (mother’s saris/your childhood favourite dress)
Ans: More like a fashion disaster I remember doing is cutting a fringe in college, wearing headbands and at that time wearing chokars was very in, so ya I’ve done that too.

5. How social are you? Tell us what your party style mantra is.
Ans: Yes I’m a social person and love to go out, my party style mantra is to just have fun with my friends, share a few laughs, have a good time and avoid a hangover!

6. How do you know Shalini Kochhar?
Ans: There are some people you have an instant connect with, you might not meet and talk every day but when you do you pick up from where you left. That’s Shalini for me, a lady with a heart of gold.

7. Next event you’re looking forward to?
Ans: A cozy dinner at a friends place with a few close friends where you just sit and chat the night away.


Ramneek Paintal

Rapid fire

1. Your favourite fashion destinations
Ans: London

2. Your favourite item in your closet today’s your
Ans: My top shop denim shorts.

3. Your biggest fashion gaffe
Ans: To colour my hair deep golden, orange once.

4. What are your wearing today
Ans: Long casual dress.

7. Heels or flats?
Ans: Both!!

8. Your biggest fashion love?
Ans: Heels/ bags

9.Daddys girl or mommy’s poppet?
Ans: I hope both!!

10.Bollywood or Hollywood
Ans: Bollywood

11.Wildest thing you have done
Ans: I can tell you but then I’d have to kill you!!

12.R u Romantic or practical
Ans: I’m a die hard romantic person but carry my head along with my heart too!

13.What turns you on?
Ans: A good smile, manners, good sense of humour and should smell good!

14. A special message..
Ans: Just live every day with a smile and be yourself coz like they say everyone else is taken..don’t stress about things that haven’t happened and take each day as it comes!! Have a chilled beer doing all of this it helps!!

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