Satish Rajwade: Nana Patekar’s Role Add A Twist In The Tale Of Aapla Manus

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Aapla Manus Director Satish Rajwade On Working With Deadly Duo On Their Fourth Collaboration Together, Which Marks Ajay’s Foray Into Marathi Films

While news of his foray into Marathi cinema was reason enough to pique curiosity, Ajay Devgn was able to get conversation around Aapla Manus going when he shared a still of Nana Patekar riding a motorbike last month. Director Satish Rajwade is evidently ecstatic that the duo will share screen space for the fourth time in his outing, after having worked together in Apaharan (2005), Bhoot (2003) and Raajneeti (2010). “It was a dream to watch the two powerhouse performers on screen together,” Rajwade tells mid-day. The crew, he adds, has been relishing their act in the film, which sees Devgn as Patekar’s son.

“They come together for an extremely poignant scene that will bring tears to the audience’s eyes, and lumps in their throats. They share a great camaraderie. When we were shooting, I’d often ask them if they would like to wait in their vanities before the shot commenced, but they preferred to sit together and chat.”

Convincing Patekar to greenlight the role that Devgn offered wasn’t a mean feat, says Rajwade. The film, he says, revolves around a young couple that lives with the man’s father. They juggle the pressures of urban life and manage the complexities of relationships. “Patekar plays a pivotal role, the head of the family. He will also lend a twist to the tale, and add colour to the film. The family thriller highlights the importance of relationships. We will witness inter-related emotions. It showcases how one man’s perception can change that of another.”

While he has worked with an array of artistes over the years, Rajwade says collaborating with Patekar is an experience that’s unparalleled. “My biggest takeaway is that an artiste must do the homework before shooting. Once you roll, there should never be any ambiguity in front of the camera. Also, I learnt from his humility. He is a star, but never interferes with anybody’s work. I am thankful that the unit took care of his comfort over the 41-day schedule.”

The director doesn’t fail to heap praise on his producer as well, crediting Devgn for enabling him to ensure a smooth filming process. “If one is in sync with the production, s/he can create something noteworthy. Ajay gave me everything that I asked for. His team wants cinema to be remembered for its creation. You’ll never hear them say, ‘Chalo khatam kar lo, release kar lo.'” Devgn’s interest in the film, he says, was evident when he instantly agreed to come aboard as actor and producer. “It’s a cameo, but a powerful one.” The film is based on Dr Vivek Bele’s play, Katkon Trikon.

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