Sara Ali Khan Reveals Interesting Fact About Ranveer Singh

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It’s your second film, and you are romancing Ranveer Singh. How does it feel?
Surreal! I think the first time when I went to Hyderabad, where he was performing at a wedding, my only motivation to go there was to see him (Ranveer). And the second time, when I was in Hyderabad, I was shooting for Simmba with him. So, I think it has just been a very surreal experience. I’m a die-hard Ranveer Singh fan. It’s just been a dream to be able to share screen space with Ranveer. He’s somebody who I have walked up to and asked for a selfie because I have never done that to anybody. I’ve never done that to even Hollywood stars, I haven’t even done with Mr Amitabh Bachchan, but I have done that with him.

How is Ranveer Singh on and off-camera?
When he is shooting, he is very different. He saves all this energy and charm for between action and cut. This is something that I did not expect because one knows of Ranveer, we’ve seen him, whether he’s in the media or giving interviews, he’s always so full of energy. So, I thought that he’ll just be like that constantly. But, I think he is infinitely smarter than that, he knows better than to expel his energy on meaningless stuff. He saves it for where it really matters.

So, there he isn’t this lad, who is teasing and having fun on the sets?
No, he isn’t. We might joke once in a while with Rohit Shetty. But, as a third person, if you look at Ranveer Singh, he’s very serious. Looking at Ranveer on sets is not what one expects.

What does a legit Bollywood masala film mean to you?

The way I define a masala Bollywood film is a Rohit sir film, which is why I can consider myself extremely privileged to be given this opportunity. I think it has every emotion, every flavour is depicted, and in a rather grand way, which makes going to the cinema hall a fulfilling experience. There’s drama, romance, good music, story, cars are flying but your heart is hurting and you are feeling it and you are living it with everything. When you come with your friends and family for two hours, and plus and get into the world, which is larger-than-life and grand, and not yours and make the cinema hall worth it.

One thing to be learned from Ranveer Singh?
Everyone talks about how Ranveer is this volcano of energy but I think like most things in life, he knows where to harness it, where to channelise it, and what to do with it, and I think this is something one should learn from Ranveer. He is a people pizza. The confidence, commitment, the dedication he has on a film’s set…and that’s something that makes him this country’s biggest superstar.

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