Saqib Saleem opens up about sibling revelry

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Saqib Saleem-Saqib-Saleem The actor speaks about movies and relationships.

How was it working with Huma Qureshi?

It’s like family. We never thought we would do a film together, but it happened… Then we started shooting together. It was difficult also because we have worked with people who we had never met in life. So you get to know about the person. Here you are with the person who you already know. I think the discovery of another actor on set is also very important for me as an actor. So we had to balance that thing. I tried to maintain a balance between professional and personal relationship while working on the sets. It is because of the fact that you are family and work together, sometimes the lines tend to get blurred, but then you enjoy that also. Sometimes, I speak to Huma as an actor and sometimes as a brother.

What kind of equation do you share with Huma Qureshi?

We don’t treat each other like sibling in real life. We are like friends. If you see har bhai bahan ek doosre se sab share nahi karte. There is always a fear between siblings that usey ye na pata chal jaye. But between me and Huma there is nothing we don’t discuss. We are best friends first then siblings. We are number one on each other’s speed dial. Koi bhi issue ho she will call me and I will call her. It’s like that equation we share. We don’t hesitate to share anything with each other.

What are the things that make you fight with each other?

Small things. Like when I get up early I don’t like to speak. I will do my work quietly. I like to wake up take my one hour then do whatever you want. So I need that one hour to reassess ki kya karna hai din bhar. But if you want to talk to me right in the morning and keep talking, I will get irritated. Is baat pe jhagda hota hai because Huma is a morning person. She wakes up very fresh and she likes to talk. we have been staying together since six years now we have figured each other’s place.

How do you see her as an actor?

I think we brought different energies. As actors, we have different energies and that kind of helped while shooting the film. It made us understand each other as actors more. We got to know each other’s process of working. For that, I think this film was a great exercise and we had great fun shooting.

Do you believe in Aatma?

No, I don’t believe in such thing. I have heard that too many people have encountered. I heard so many stories from my Nani and Dadi, but it never happened to me so I don’t believe.

Your favourite horror film?

Ramgopal Verma’s Raat (1992) and The shining (1980).

A rare combination of heart, head and humility, Kriti Sanon is both beautiful and sensitive. Her IQ is rivalled by her EQ as she’s imbibed the best of both her engineering background and her artistic vocation. She’s barely a few films old, but her fan following and her star value overshadow her experience. She knows better than to get swayed by hearsay or adulation. Brushing aside the romantic link-up and controversies, she keeps her feet on the ground. She’d rather focus on her films than the unwarranted drama of being a star. Measured, intelligent and just as enchanting, Kriti is the new age actress. Raabta, Sushant Singh Rajput and myriad emotions… this young girl is good at frank talk…

Raabta is about soulmates. Do you believe in soulmates?

I’m not sure about the Dil-To-Pagal-Hai-kind-of soulmate, that someone somewhere is made for you. But I believe in raabta (connection). I do believe that sometimes you connect with people in an instant. There are people whom I’ve met for the first time and ended up chatting with them for hours. I felt I just knew them. I do believe in love. But I don’t know whether soulmates exist. For example, Dinu (producer Dinesh Vijan) and I can chat for hours. Same with Sabbir sir (Khan, director Baaghi). Maybe, we’re Leos that’s why. There’s also Athiya (Shetty). It’s strange because I’ve met her once or twice at parties. She’s someone warm. I get a good vibe from her. I’d always want well for her. It’s inexplicable. She’s not even my best friend. You do forge a connect with some people, something you can’t put a finger on.

What about your raabta with Sushant Singh Rajput? Apparently, you two bonded well over hometown Delhi, food and engineering…

More over food than anything else! We discovered an Indian restaurant in Budapest, which serves daal-makhni and chicken tikka. On cheat days, we’d order food from there. (Laughs) Sushant is someone with ‘sweet teeth’ – not just a sweet tooth! I’ve never had as much ice cream as I did in Budapest. Initially, he used to call me ‘Punjaban’ because I enjoyed my butter chicken and other Punjabi stuff. We’d be delighted when rajma chawal was served on the set. It was heaven!

Rumours suggest that you both are dating each other since Raabta?

(Laughs) What do I say? I’ve stopped saying anything. We sort of make fun of it. We read the gossip as though it’s a daily soap. When we were in Budapest, it was said that we had attended a concert together. I was like which concert was this? After a while we started making fun of it and started enjoying it. Basically, you just ignore it. That’s how I deal with it.

Okay, how’s Sushant as a co-star?

He came across as a sincere and serious actor in the films that I had watched. But when I worked with him I realised the amount of homework he does and how passionate he is about his craft. He’d come with pages of research he had done on the character. He’d come up with intelligent suggestions. He’s inspiring especially for someone like me who hasn’t worked much in the industry.

How much do you get affected by the character you play?

I’m more of a switch-on-switch-off person. I don’t get into a character in a way that it stays with me when I go home. Whereas Sushant goes fully into it. His preparation is hardcore, it’s more data-based, it’s detailed. But he does come out of it. For example, in the flashback sequences his character is quite animalistic, intense, close to being emotionless where he doesn’t express at all. But he didn’t remain like that throughout. (Laughs) Thank God!On the other hand, I’m more spontaneous. If I have to cry for a scene, I won’t go back to an emotional memory where someone or something had affected me! I focus on the zone of the scene, what the character would feel rather than what I’d felt in some situation. I don’t want to get depressed playing a poignant character. But yes, training physically for a role can sometimes take a toll on your body. For the horse-riding sequence, they could have used a ‘dupe’. But I wanted to do it myself and I enjoyed it. I began loving horses after that. I even underwent weapon training.

Do you regret quitting a secure career in engineering for this demanding profession?

Stress is part of every profession. But when you enjoy your work, it doesn’t feel like work. I don’t crib when I’m on the set. In fact, I’m thrilled about it. Learning new things, prepping for a film, is exciting. I believe we’re blessed to be working in an industry where we get a chance to do something different every day. We get an opportunity to play different characters. There’s no chance of monotony setting in. I don’t think I’d have been happy doing a desk job. It would be frustrating. As human beings we’re never satisfied ever. But I’m enjoying my work. I’m improving as an actor and I’m growing as a person also.

Do you agree that Dilwale put you in the big league?

It must have. My first film Baaghi was with Tiger Shroff – Jackie Shroff’s son. But at the end of it, we were two newcomers. The
film did well. People liked us. After Dilwale a lot more people know me. Not coming from a film background, not having a surname that people can relate to instantly, it’s important that more people watch your film. Of course, Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol have a huge fan following. Rohit Shetty’s films are loved all over and it did well overseas too.

Do you wish you were a star kid?

Not at all! I’m proud that wherever I’ve reached till now has been on my own without a godfather. People believed in me and that has also given me confidence. I’ve followed my heart, done what I believed was best for me. At the end of it all, it’s only about talent. Your surname or a godfather can help you initially but not beyond a point. Then you’re on your own. The audience only wants to see how talented you are, what you bring to the table.

How difficult was it to cut ice here?

‘Difficult’ is a subjective term. I was fortunate that I didn’t have to wait for too long. I do know people who can act brilliantly but they’ve never got an opportunity for whatever reasons. But yes, I’ve had my own dilemmas. I had my low points. I completed my B-Tech, where you don’t have time to breathe, along with modelling. Then I came to Mumbai, where I didn’t have anything to do for a long time. I didn’t even know if I had done the right thing. I had no clue about the industry. Living alone can be taxing. There were times when I was so confused that I’d end up crying. There were times when I was offered a big banner film but I couldn’t make up my mind, given the length of the role and the ensemble cast. I guess you just have to be patient and do what you believe is right.

How do you generally deal with the lows?

I just cry and sleep over it. One of my teachers in a workshop said there’s a difference between being emotional and being sentimental. An emotional person will hang on to one emotion for a long time. But I guess I’m more sentimental. I cry easily. Like if someone were to scold me, I’d start crying. But I’d get over that relatively easily, which is good thing. You should never hold things within you. I’ll watch a film or I’ll call up friends or my mom 10 times a day. You should talk to people who you are close to or do things that you enjoy doing. That’s the only way out.

What’s the craziest thing you have done in love?

I don’t believe you need to do crazy things in love. But sometimes you do things, which are not in your nature for love. I hate cooking. But I’ve cooked for someone, which means that someone is special.

Is it difficult to manage a relationship and a career simultaneously?

A relationship cannot be planned. Suddenly, one day I can’t say that I want a boyfriend. When it has to happen, it happens. I can’t say I want to focus on my career and I’m unavailable for anything else. When you connect with someone, you simply bond.

Has it happened to you?

No, it’s not happened yet.

What qualities you would you look for in your man?

Again that’s not planned. I don’t know ya. We all have a list but that list doesn’t exist in reality. Firstly, he has to be taller than me. I can’t have a short boyfriend. It will appear weird when I walk with him. He has to have a good sense of humour. Or else, I wouldn’t be able to talk to him. Also, I would want someone who’s genuine, honest and loyal.

What’s the best thing a guy has told you?

Physical features ki taarif toh bahut log karte hain. But recently, when we were at a radio station, it was sweet of Sushant to say, ‘She’s absolutely honest – whatever is within her is on her face. She’s not someone who will say things behind your back’. The fact that he realised that felt nice. I’m not someone who can fake it.

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