Salman Khan: The only way you can get conned today…is emotionally, which happens all the time Salman Khan pours his heart out

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30-Salman-Khan in this EXCLUSIVE interview

He speaks his heart out every time you ask him about his past experiences or learnings in life. So when our editor in chief Tushar Joshi quizzed him about that one Tubelight moment that changed his life considering his film is based on belief and love, Salman gave one of the most soul-stirring answers. From talking about the hardship when you realise someone has exploited your innocence to recalling those painful experiences of getting betrayed in a relationship, Salman almost narrated “Tubelight” like a life lesson….Here are the excerpts from the interview:

“Everyone has that (Tubelight) moment. Sometimes it comes to you instantly, sometimes it comes to you years later but it does come to you. And usually when that coes to you, you realise what a fool you have been, or how innocent you have been and how somebody has exploited your innocence or your belief or your niceness.” But what if someone has still not had that moment in life and he adds, “God bless him because he is not aware about what is being happening with him. But today the scenario has changed, it’s not one on one anymore. You have your own team, you have your lawyers and if it’s a business deal then all the paperwork has been done. So your team, your lawyers sit down and that whole conning that used to happen earlier, that is gone.”

However, he continues, “The only way you can get conned today, which is like the most important aspect of life and that’s emotionally…. which happens all the time. Whenever you are starting to get into a relationship of any sort, you would always put your best foot forward which may not actually be the right thing to do. But otherwise, how do you start a relationship? So once you are out of that, once you spend time with that person you know these things are not true, these are the flaws and these are the plus points, the good qualities. So then it’s your choice at that point of time to accept the flaws because you may have one or two flaws but your other qualities are a lot greater. And then, it depends on whether you want to continue your relationship or part ways….”

Reminds us of how father Salim Khan had once mentioned about Salman being a “poor judge of people.” He had said it on Koffee With Karan following which Salman too had admitted saying, “I don’t know if I am a poor judge of people. But yes, I trust people easily. If someone comes to me and says something to me, I don’t see why that person will make up that story. I don’t understand why he will lie to me. I am not like that. If I don’t like something, I will say so. I will not lie about it to someone. That’s not how it works with me. So I feel there’s no need to lie to me. I feel you should go and tell somebody your intentions straight out. That would be much more appreciated than losing that friend because you were not honest about your intentions.”

Well, we heart you Salman!

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