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Salman Khan always comes across as an enigma but I had the opportunity to peel the onion and get to know the man whom I have grown up watching on the silver-screen, a little better.

Say what you will about him but Salman Khan is the coolest cat in Bollywood with a deep understanding of social issues that plague our country. He opened up to me about his impending clash with SRK at the Box office, his opinion of marriages and what he thinks of his upcoming release. Read excerpts from my chat with the Bajrangi Bhaijaan actor here…

You are a man who has everything so when you wake up every morning what do you look forward to?

When I wake up in the morning, I used to look forward to a cup of coffee but not anymore. This belief that they have, that I have everything, that should not be. I wake up in the morning and pray and never have that belief.

So what is the one thing you don’t have and are working towards achieving?

I have never really thought about that. I don’t spend that much time in thinking about what I don’t have but I just make sure that every moment that I spend with myself or with anyone I try make it like the best moment, I do things as right as possible. Every moment can be used to change one’s destiny, for the better or for worse. I keep on changing for the better.

You have launched many actors and no matter how many films they do, the tag of your name is always associated with them…

There have also been people whom we launched and it did not work. It is their greatness to acknowledge my role… they were meant to work anyway I was just a zariya (a medium). If not me somebody else would have taken them to this height. I was launched by Sooraj Barjatya when Sooraj Barjatya was himself not launched. And Rajshri had gone through a very bad phase but they launched me. If someone can do that for you, you can surely do it for a lot of other people.

How was it mentoring Sooraj Pancholi for Hero?

See Sooraj (Barjatya) launched me so now I have to launch Sooraj (Pancholi) (laughs) Right now I am busy with both, promoting Bajrangi Bhaijaan and working on Hero.

Next Eid is taken by…

(cuts in) By Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan has given up on the clash questions. What do you have to say about it?

We have had a different opinion on this from the rest of you actually. We feel that when both these films come next year on Eid, there is enough time to build some more theatres, which will only make the industry grow. We have some 5200 theatres now and that is not enough. Around the country we need about 20-25000 theatres. Because this is the only way to stop the maara-maari that happens when two films release on the same day. This is our strategy.

How has being a producer changed you ?

Being a producer has been a great journey because the actor that I am working with is phenomenal (at this point Salman is obviously referring to himself) I absolutely love the actor that I am working with, and the actor loves the producer. The producer doesn’t mind the actor coming in late. It’s almost like they are judwas (laughs)

What is the vision behind Salman Khan films?

To make films that make a huge difference either to lives, the people who are being a part of that film (in the sense that they should get work) they should become stars, or when people walk into the theatre and then come out after watching the film and say, “Outstanding film!” Cinema is story worth telling and if we can tell it, we will tell it with obviously the use of my kind of stuff that we do in our movies. Whatever you do there HAS to be full-on dhamaal entertainment, in that same genre. Like if it is a David Dhawan kind of film its a different genre altogether, Sooraj Barjatya’s films are different. So the comedy, improvisations, the humour, or action will be according to that film. Every film has a genre and all these things of emotion-action-comedy-drama should be according to the film. Like Sooraj’s Prem Ratan Dhan Payo has got a lot of action this time but the action is suited for his film. Kabir Khan’s action in this film is according to bajrangi Bhaijaan and what the script demands. Sultan has got lots of different kind of action too. In our Hindi cinema format, which has 4-5 tracks (on which films are made) I need to make sure all these things are there in my films and make sure than none of these are just forced upon ki cut to gaana ho gaya… that doesn’t work for me I’ve done that.

We always see you in a zen like state

Everything is happening around me. There is nothing happening with me so I am just like quiet. The universe makes things go on, everything is in auto-pilot right now.

You will be turning 50 soon. What are the three wishes you would ask for on your birthday?

Nothing. Without asking for anything I am getting everything so why be greedy?

Million dollar question- when will you settle down?

Few days ago I said arranged, now I am saying love.

Don’t you want to have a family?

I don’t want to… All my friends who are married are also trying to phasaao me into this shit sometimes I almost get convinced. I am still trying to find a way to have a child without a mother.

Have you zeroed in on any names for the leading lady in Sultan? We heard Kriti Sanon was in the running…

Who said I wanted Kriti Sanon? Only I know about this and Kriti knows about this (laughs) No, I don’t know who the girl is but I think 2 or 3 girls have been shortlisted. I am not allowed to tell you who it is.

What is the message Bajrangi Bhaijaan is trying to send out. Rather, what are the issues that the film deals with?,

Being born in a family where there is no “other” religion as such for me. My father is a Pathan man who got married to a Maharashtrian lady, there was never an issue from their families’ side the issue was with the film industry. Then later on my father got married to Helen aunty who is a Catholic. So when I read this Hindu-Muslim this and that I get very bothered. All this hate for no rhyme or reason bothers me. Today you don’t say that ye Muslim pilot hai toh main plane mein nahi jaunga or ye Hindu ne khana banaya hai toh main nahi khaunga. You don’t ask in today’s day and age, “Oh you are a Muslim/Hindu?” I don’t see any Hindu or Muslim who does not have a Hindu or Muslim friend or a Hindu or Muslim relative. Everyone knows that this division is all bullshit and it still keeps happening. The minority of those people who encourage this need to know that it’s not cool, they need to know that we should follow our religion but have respect for the others’ as well. Every religion basically says not to be intolerant so how did we guys forget that? Because some hoodlums are paid to create dramas in front of the cameras in the name of religion. When you talk to people personally there is no issues. In this film we are trying our best to eradicate hatred. If you want to see any unpleasantness then this is not the film for you. If you want to see nice songs, romance, noble people, people who respect others from different beliefs then you should watch this film. If you want to enjoy seeing someone saying bad things about Pakistan then I suggest you stay at home. Bajrangi is about a man who sets out to drop a 6 year old kid back to her home and how he finds himself in that journey and if you want to say, “We want to be like Bajrangi Bhaijaan” then you come and watch my film.

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