Salman Khan on nepotism: I got to know the meaning of it from Kangana Ranaut

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Yet again ‘nepotism’ has raised its ugly head with a confession by Salman Khan. Every time that we think, people will stop discussing it finally, somebody stokes the fire again. We aren’t blaming Salman here… he just answered a question that was thrown at him. It’s the media who should just stop talking about it because it has been established that nepotism can only give you a break but can’t turn you into a success story. Anyway, the actor obliged the journalist who asked him the question at the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit yesterday. He said something which will not only make us but Kangana Ranaut chuckle as well.

Salman said, “Ab jaake nepotism ka matlab pata chala jab Kangana ne nepotism ke baare mein baat ki hai.” (I got to know the meaning of it only after Kangana talked about nepotism). Honestly, there will be many who would agree with him. Bollywood has always endorsed nepotism; there’s nothing new to it. But Kangana Ranaut’s comment on Karan Johar being the flag bearer of the same made it a topic of national importance. Guess this is one subject people will not stop talking about despite the fact that there is hardly anything left for anyone to say.

The thing has taken such an ugly turn now that it haunts Karan Johar these days. the filmmaker saying, “Can we just put a hold on this word nepotism? It haunts me. It has become like mera saaya (my shadow). I told somebody that I have developed nepospasm. It has been following me everywhere. Suddenly, it has become fashionable. Can we just get rid of it and start focusing on good content.” There you go! It’s high time people leave this topic alone as nepotism is not the mantra to box office gains; talent and content are!

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