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1200px-Kailash_adhikari_newBy : Sandeep Hattangadi
Mr. Kailashnath Adhikari  is a double post-graduate in accounting from
the London School of Economics (LSE) and an ex- Govt. of India
official having experience of working with the erstwhile Planning
Commission of India. He is presently looking after and managing the
business of the Company SAB TV and is responsible for creating new
verticals for the publication business namely Digital vertical and
Capacity Building Seminars. In a brief chat with the media baron.

What is the secret of the success of your channel bouquet and how much
is Gautam sir’s and Makarand sir’s legacy behind it?

They were the real pioneers of initial television with thriller and
comedy shows which were lapped up by the audiences .There was only
Doordarshan then and shows like Damini, Bandini, Hello Inspector,
Commander enjoyed great popularity and a new medium was born.

What made you sell your successful COMEDY CHANNEL SAB TV TO SONY?
SAB TV was the numero uno channel in comedy realm but we thought it
needed better canvas and a bigger studio to back it so that a huge
number of audiences can see it and today  SONY SAB TV is one of the
largest comedy  channels with a big reach and pan India audience.
How is it possible that with so many music channels closing down
especially   in the Hindi film music realm, your music channel has
emerged numero uno?
We have done a lot of research on what the music taste of the audience
is, what appeals to the youth with charismatic anchors like Annu
Kapoor and the songs we beep are real chart busters and hence it
appeals to the taste of every music lover.

What are your opinions on the print media which is losing ground?
I don’t think the print media is losing ground because everyone who is
used to his newspaper or magazine will read it with his cuppa of tea.
They said the same when news  channels with broadcast media came about
but that didn’t dither the print media. Our political magazine
E-Governence is doing very well and we organize a lot of seminars and
news debates on political issues and they are very popular. Now with
COVID 19 lockdown it has again affected the print media but is surely
and steadily gaining on its own popularity.

What kind of content are you looking out for your OTT Platform?
Happi Digital is our OTT platform launched  recently and we released
my brother Ravi Adhikari’s film ‘Dheet Patangey ‘ to great popularity.

What are your future projects?
We are planning two huge big budget series for our OTT platform. Our
niche channels Dabangg, Dhamaal and Maiboli are also doing well.

You have not produced a Hindi film after ‘Bhookamp’ and ‘Chhehra’ and
also you have
fared well in Marathi films. Any plans on this on the anvil?
Yes. I remember I was three year old when Bhookamp was released to
great success and the character of Daya Pawar in it played by Mohan
Joshi became very popular. But after that we concentrated on
television and my dad and uncle found their calling in that. We plan a
few Gujarati films too in the future. We have co-produced films like
Total Dhammal , Pyaar Ka Punchnaama 2, Great Grand Masti and WAJAH AND
our sister company SABTNL is into film production in a big way.

What do you envisage is television’s future?
Televisions future is bright but it has changed over the years and the
channels have increased but the content has become more regressive.
But what people want the channel GEC’S dish out the content. Of course
the biggest competitor to television is the digital platform.

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