Real life couple Sanam Johar and Abigail Pande to romance in MTV’s Love On The Run – read details

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Real life couple Sanam Johar and Abigail Pande to romance in MTV’s Love On The Run – read details

Sanam Johar and Abigail Pande make one of the cutest couples of television. While one is a pro in dancing, the other is a talented actress. In Nach Baliye, we have seen the duo shake a leg to the beats of music, and entertain the audience with their marvellous performances. They compliment each other and they support each other. That is the key to their relationship. While an orthodox Indian family would not accept live-in relationships, their parents were the ones who supported these two to stay together and discover more about each other. They won hearts as a couple and now, they are returning with MTV’s Love On The Run. In this show, Abigail will portray the role of a dance enthusiast from an affluent family who falls in love with her dance teacher, Sanam. While the couple has just finished the shoot, we got hold of them over a chat and a lot has been revealed. Check out…Nach Baliye PC 2-1-1(1)

We have seen Abigail being under pressure while performing with you (Sanam) in Nach Baliye as you are excellent in it. So has it reversed now?

Yes, I (Sanam) was under extreme pressure. She is a very good actress and I felt nervous while performing opposite her. Obviously, the pressure is reversed. In the scenes when she is acting opposite me, I felt extremely nervous as I had to reach the level of her acting.

Is it different working in MTV’s Love On The Run than Nach Baliye apart from the fact that one is fiction and the other is a reality show?

Yes, it is! I (Abigail) am the boss here (laughs). But on a serious note, Sanam is extremely dedicated and enthusiastic and I loved working with him. I want to keep working with him.

Any incident to share with us?

I (Abigail) also read Sanam’s lines (laughs). I wanted him to be perfect and whenever he used to forget the lines I used to prompt him.

So now when you guys are living together, are there any plans of marriage?

I (Abigail) will want Sanam to answer this because he gets a little awkward while answering this (laughs). While Abigail started laughing, Sanam said, “We are already married. We are engaged and in a way, we are married. But yes, if you speak about a formal event, then we are waiting for the right time.” Abigail added, “We want to have a nice home in Mumbai and want to get settled a little more, then we will plan the marriage”

Have you guys signed any future projects?

Not yet. But surely after this goes on air, I (Abigail) and Sanam will get more opportunities to work together. I want to work with Sanam. I want to be around him and with him always. (both laugh)

While relationships have become fickle these days, I am really gushing over this cute couple. They are madly in love with each other and never fail to support each other. They make each other comfortable and help each other to excel in the tasks they undertake. They compliment each other amazingly and their love, makes me believe in true love. So I will surely watch the show. Will you? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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