Ranveer Singh on his ‘whimsical’ fashion choices:

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Ranveer Singh on his ‘whimsical’ fashion choices:3Ranveer-Singh-is-driving-us-crazy-with-his-latest-photoshoot I do it for my own amusementWhile talking to a news portal, Ranveer Singh opened up on changing the course of men’s fashion in the entertainment industry with his unique style statements. Check out what more he has to say on his whimsical style file…  Ranveer Singh made his debut with Band Baaja Baarat about a decade ago. The actor sat down with Bombay Times for a tête-à-tête and poured his heart out. From his struggling days to the fame he has achieved and more Ranveer let his guard down and spoke heartily. He also opened up on one of his most talked things: his fashion statements. Ranveer Singh’s fashion choices have been a subject of discussion, trolling and inspiration. The actor spoke at length as to how he was always into the ‘atrangi’ mode and loved making bold statements early on in his life. When asked about what he feels like to have changed the norm of fashion for men in the entertainment industry, Ranveer Singh told Bombay Times, “Honestly, I didn’t set out thinking I would change the fashion landscape. It just so happened that when I started becoming more authentic in my choices with regards to staying true to my personal style, is when it apparently became a ‘cultural moment for Indian fashion.’ So, here was a mainstream Hindi film hero who is making perceivably risky and bold choices, donning ‘eccentric’ and ‘experimental’ ensembles, which was totally unprecedented. As much as people think it was by design, it really wasn’t. It just happened. The Lootera actor revealed that during his early days as an actor, he was quite inauthentic as far as his fashion sense was concerned. “After two or three years in show business, I was growing tired of being inauthentic to myself. If you see pictures of my public appearances from my early days, that’s not me at all. That’s me trying to conform, and failing miserably while feeling under-confident and unsure,” Ranveer said. The Bajirao Mastani actor revealed that he had been Atrangi all his life and that his friends called him the same when in school. He also opened IP on how he experimented with his style early on and tried and tested everything that he came across related to fashion. “When I had a life-altering back injury during Lootera, it gave me a lot of perspective. I just decided from that point on, that I will be more authentic in my choices and be true to myself. So, I went back to being what I had been all my life – an atrangi (laughs). My friends called me ‘atrangi’ in school as I was always finding unique, distinctive ways of expressing myself through my appearance. I had piercings as early as in my third grade. I used to buzz my hair into a Mohawk every summer, wear baggy jeans even before baggy jeans were a thing. While growing up, I was impacted a lot by alternative culture. I experimented with every style one can think of: be it punk, goth, grunge, hip-hop, or bohemian.” Ranveer added, “During school days, I was known in my social circles for making a bold style statement and doing it with panache. Three years into being ‘famous’, I just went back to being the person that I naturally was, and it started working for me. That’s when I realised that when you make authentic choices, they surely resonate. From that point on, I just started having more and more fun with my fashion sense. My stylist Nitasha Gaurav also encouraged my whimsical choices and it then became a thing. More than anything, I do it for my own amusement. I just like to play, and playing ‘dress-up’ is fun for me. I am always attracted to original, distinctive and unique expression when it comes to style and fashion.”We fell in love with you all over again, Ranveer.

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