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Radhe Review: 20210505_113234Seems like an old wine of ‘Wanted’ pours in the new bottle but still a perfect masala entertainment!Cast: Salman Khan, Disha Patani, Randeep Hooda, Jackie ShroffDirector: Prabhu Deva Rating: ***Platform: ZEE PlexAt last, after a long wait, Salman Khan’s Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai has been released on the ZEE Plex. Based on the Korean film The Outlaws by Kang Yoon-sung, Prabhu Deva has presented the film plot in Salman’s style. Well, the actor promised his fans to give him an Eid treat in the form of Radhe. Keeping his promise, Salman’s film has been finally released digitally although he wants it to be released on the big screen though it is not possible in the current pandemic scenario. With this, let’s see if the film is worth a watch or you can skip it for the weekend. Focusing on the plotline, Radhe’s backdrop is based in Mumbai where new drug dealer Rana (Randeep Hooda) along with his two body-builder partners has entered the city. In order to establish himself in the city as a renowned drug peddler, he targets school-going students. On the other hand, Radhe in his ten years of experience in the police department is known for 97 encounters and 23 transfers. Well, this is how the police commissioner introduced him in the film. Seems like Salman Bhai wants to be a police officer in real life but his dream wasn’t unfulfilled that is why he usually don the cop roles. So the story is quite simple, Radhe falls in love with Diya Abhyankar (Disha Patani) but he introduces himself as an aspiring model and gets close to Diya who is also a model. Though here is a twist, Divya is Avinash Abhyankar’s sister (Jackie ShroffJackie Shroff). Well, Avinash is Radhe’s senior and works under his supervision. Whereas Rana is establishing his drug menace empire in the city and kills a mafia don Dilawar (Sudhanshu Pandey). Now, it’s Radhe’s call to save the city from the terror of Rana and his psycho allies. After watching Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai, it seems like Prabhu Deva has rebooted his own 2009 directed film, Wanted version. But this time, he added the flavor of Jackie Shroff, Disha Patani and all the rest of the actors who are employed by Salman Bhai. It wouldn’t be wrong if we’ll say that Prabhu has directed a film that seems more like a South Indian Masala film rather than a Bollywood action flick. Whether it’s about a scene shifting from action to romance or a funny scene tilted into a bar sequence where Jacqueline Fernandez’s arduous dance moves. The film is full of entertainment from start to end. Moving to the action sequences, it seems like the action director watched Mission Impossible’s bathroom scene before shooting Salman Khan and Randeep Hooda’s fight scene. Speaking about the last impracticable chasing sequence, for one glance it looks like a bizarre video game scenario. Still, Salman Bhai fans will be more keen on ignoring those scenes and will focus on his effortless acting. Talking about the performances, Prabhu Deva makes half of the actors act in the film even Disha Patani was also acting this time but he fails to convince Salman. The way Salman walks undemanding, he also acted in the same manner, no efforts in short! Whereas you will like Disha in the film and who can deny her dancing moves, that was a treat for fans. Only Prabhu knows why he cast singer Arjun Kanungo in the role of Mansoor. After watching him, one thing is sure the actor acts well in the music videos only. Jackie Shroff as Avinash Abhyankar is rib-tickling and funny and who can never forget his physique in Disha’s silk dress. Gautam Gulati as Girgit has nothing to do rather than just scorching his head or acting like a psychopath. Siddhartha Jadhav as Ranjeet Mawani is witty, hilarious, and scene-stealer. From the music perspective, the songs are catchy, best for the part night. Devi Sri Prasad’s Seeti Maar has already created a record on Youtube so nothing more to say on it. You’ll love Sajid composed songs without Wajid in the film whether it is the title track Radhe or Zoom Zoom. Cinematography by award-winning Ayananka Bose is mesmerizing and walks with the glass of director Prabhu Deva. Ritesh Soni has sharply edited the film and didn’t give a chance to sleep in the mid of the film. In the nutshell, Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai is a Masala entertainment of the year. The film hasn’t been released in the cinema halls but after watching the action flick, it deserves to get some theatres as Salman Khan fans love his such films. Although the spike in the COVID-19 cases has retained the film to get any show at the box office. So, in the end, the film is a compilation of cringy dialogues, Salman Khan’s effortless acting, full-on action, hilarious scenes. So with a running time of 144 minutes, Radhe is a perfect Eid gift from the actor for his fans. Despite all the fallback in the film, we will recommend you to watch Salman Khan’s Radhe as it is a super-duper masala film. With this, we are heading with three stars just for Salman Khan’s fans. 

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