Qaidi Band actress Anya Singh on nepotism: I feel it exists in every industry but it’s hyped in ours..

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Qaidi Band actressanya_photo_crosslegged on nepotism: I feel it exists in every industry but it’s hyped in ours

Why an unconventional film like Qaidi Band, rather than a quintessential Bollywood romance?

I think when Habib sir narrated the story to me, the fact that it was so different, the topic was so important and my character was something I just loved. Everything put together really lured me to do this film. I took it as a challenge. It’s a very interesting story and a very interesting concept. I’d like to it’s very unconventional so that’s the best part about it. It’s very performance based which is so important I think. So I think I am very lucky in fact that this is my debut as opposed to the a conventional romantic movie that you usually see.

Were you surprised when this kind of genre of film was offered to you by YRF?

No, not at all. Actually I did lots of audition, so my second round of audition was with Habib sir and he had given me a gist of the movie because he was very clear that he’ll go ahead with the audition if you are interested in the movie. If you are not than there is no point of carrying forward the audition. And I think the time he narrated to me the concept the first time I found it very very interesting because it’s about the plight of undertrials in India, who just don’t know when they are going to get out of the jail. And they just live their life waiting and waiting with faith that may be they’ll do get out someday but they don’t. I think the concept really interested me and ya considering Yashraj it was a very different film from what they usually do. But I think they do experiment sometimes and this is one of those movies. I love Ishaqzaade, I absolutely love that film.
Tell us about the character, as seen in the trailer, you are completely in a de-glam avatar unlike other actresses who usually opt for a glamorous avatar, especially for their first film. Were there apprehensions?

We checked actually for a few months before we started shooting so I think we were quite used to being in this de-glam avatar on a daily basis. We used to come to office in our track pants. Habib sir had actually told to not put any makeup and come in very simple clothes. So you are actually very close to your character even when you are away from work. It wasn’t difficult at all, I really enjoyed it because we used to go on the sets, 15-20 and we used to be ready on location and shooting, so it was actually easier, you didn’t spend so much time getting ready, make up and hair and all of it. I am very happy with the look actually.

Tell us about your journey? How did you decide to be an actress?

My grandfather is in the army, my father is a doctor, very far away from this industry. As a child I really used to listen to Hindi music. I think that’s what attracted me towards this world. Growing up I didn’t watch too many movies. When I passed my school I told my mother, ‘mumma I want to act’ and she thought it’s just a passing phase in my life. She said finish your education and we’ll talk about it. After graduating I went back to her again and I think that’s when she realised that I really wanted acting as a career. My family had all these apprehensions that I am girl. My mother gave 1 year to try my luck.

Aadar Jain recently said in an interview that you were on board first before he signed the film and you gave auditions with quite a few actors, that included him as well. So while reading with him for the audition, did you anticipate that this guy might get the role?

Ya a little bit, I did anticipate that he’ll get the role and I also hoped that he get the role because I think among all the people, he was the best.

You are shown as a lead singer of the band in the film. Are you a singer in real life?

(Laughs) I like to believe so, I am singer in my own head but no I am somebody who sings for own entertainment and joy. I don’t have a great voice…I believe I sing very well, I tell Aadar also all the time, I think I am great singer, and he agrees with me.

You said your parents gave you an year to try your luck in Mumbai. How difficult was your struggling period?

When I moved to Bombay I didn’t know many people, except the ones I was staying with. So I found a few numbers I met couple of people, I met with casting directors, I started giving auditions…I actually got rejected through all my auditions in my initial few months. And you know there were lot of times when I thought to myself may be I was wrong, may be I should go back to Delhi, but every time I’d think of these thoughts I’d also think how I sat and convinced my entire family that this is my dream, so now that I’ve got the chance, why not give it everything I have. My family was very very supportive but ya there was lot of struggle, there was lot of rejection, I had to work really really hard for these auditions…also when you don’t know people it’s even harder. Luckily, Shanoo Sharma(casting director of YRF) happened, we bumped into a coffee shop and she asked me to audition and then one audition led to another and finally I end up with this film..pure luck, I feel.

Did you ever face nepotism?


So you think hard work and talent is all that matters?

I mean, I am nobody to really comment on nepotism but it is something that I feel exists in every industry but it’s hyped in our industry. And I feel that today our audience is only accepting and encouraging ‘talent’. So, through nepotism you do get a certain movie but you’ll only stay and be here for the long run if you have the talent and skills. Because the audience today, doesn’t accept anybody who doesn’t. So…ya, that’s my take on nepotism.

You said while growing up you didn’t really watch films. So is there any favourites among the few you watched while growing up?

Dil Toh Pagal Hai. It was also the first movie I watched in a theatre, in fact any movie I watched. And I think since then only, you know the songs and the dance just pulled me towards this. Dil Toh Pagal Hai really did a lot for me (laughs). Even Jab We Met is one of my favourite movies. I love it.

And your favourite actors?

Like I said I haven’t watched too many movies but of the movies I have watched, Kajol and Anushka (Sharma)…I really admire their work. I think they are very effortless performers and even in general, you know just the way they are when I watch them. I love them. So ya definitely Kajol and Anushka.

So it would’ve been quite exciting for you when Anushka presented you in front of the media?

Ya, of course it was one of my happiest days because I felt so lucky as firstly I am being launched and somebody who I admire so much is introducing me. I was really really happy about it. I told her also in fact.

And what about the directors you wish to work with in future?

Rajkumar Hirani sir, there are so many. Imtiaz Ali, Adi sir (Aditya Chopra), Shoojit Sircar, Neeraj Pandey. There are so many directors that I want to work with but at the top of my head…ya.

What would say to all those trying their luck in Bollywood?

I would say if you really want it and your dreams are strong enough, you just have to work really hard and have patience because I believe what you really want will come to you eventually. There’s time for everything. Just be patient and keep working towards it. Also read: Yash Raj’s new talent Anya Singh would love to work with Ranveer Singh

So the movie is releasing alongside Sidharth Malhotra and Jacqueline Fernandez’ A Gentleman. Are you worried?

Obviously, I am nervous. They are established actors, they are good actors and we are a bunch of new people put in together a very unconventional movie, so there is a bit of nervousness about that but I am not thinking about other people’s movie right now, I am just gonna work really hard so that people enjoy our movie because we have actually put in a lot of hard work. So I hope that comes across because it’s a very interesting movie and I am quite confident about it. I have a good feeling about this movie. So ya of course competition will always be there but I have a good feeling about our movie.

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