Producer Mrs Aman Mehta My mantra for life is that BELIEVE IN URSELF, STAY FOCCUSSED & KEEP MOVING.

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Producer Aman Mehta of TERA INTEZAAR…….

1) Tell us about you
I am MrsAman Mehta, born in Punjab & brought up in Gujarat, married to MrBijal Mehta with two sons. I was from childhood inclined towards creation, it maybe drawing, handicrafts, photography, etc. I am a simple lady with extra ordinary thoughts & ambition. I live a simple life. My favourite thing is changing myself to develop my skills. I really enjoy being a lady producer. IMG-20170714-WA0062
2) How did you decide to get into films
As a child I was fond of music & writing stories & I love bollywood immensely. We are into construction business fromGandhidham, Kutch & with grace of god we are doing very good.
I wanted to go a step further into business so me along with my husband thought of venturing in bollywood.

3) How did TeraIntezaar happened
After we decided to make a bollywood film, we started meeting various writers & directors but due to some reason or the other things didn’t work out with them.
Than we happened to meet film director MrRaajeevWalia& had a great meeting with him. We told him that we want a exciting thrilling script with a very different concept & after four days he narrated us the plot of TeraIntezaar, we loved the plot & so we decided to make TERA INTEZAAR.

4) Tell us about the film more in detail
TeraIntezaar is a very stylish romantic musical thriller with twist & turns from the word go which will keep you on the edge of the seat throughout.The film has great script, music, locations,thrill, vfx, etc. The story-telling of TeraIntezaar is very international.

5) Tell us about the director of the film
Our director ShriRaajeevWalia is a nice humble person which was the first reason for me & my husband to work with him.
He is a great script narrater as I along with my complete unit must have heard his detailed two hours narrations of the script many times in pre-production stage. He has great confidence & experience & technically he is just brilliant so we were in safe hands.

6) Why did you decided for such unique starcast
After the script was ready so the immediate further step to move ahead was film’s casting. We firstly wanted to cast Rounak& Veer.
We liked Sunny Leone so we told Raajeevbhai that we will cast Sunny Leone for Rounak& than the question of who will be opposite Sunny Leone so we thought of doing something unusual like the script & we thought of Arbaazbhai& both immediately said yes after hearing the firstnarration from the director. There isAaryaBabbar who is playing a anti-hero, than SalilAnkola&SudhaChandran has very different strong roles. We have actors like Richa Sharma, HanifNoyda, Bhani Singh &Gowhar Khan all have great characters.

7) How was your first experience in bollywood
Ohhh we had a great experience as we met lot of nice people during the making. I will just summon up in one sentence that TeraIntezaar is made from heart as there was more of personal touch than the professional one.

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