Priyank Sharma reveals he was shocked by the homophobic behaviour of some Bigg Boss 11 contestants Read on to know what Priyank said

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Priyank Sharma reveals he was shocked by the homophobic behaviour of some Bigg Boss 11 contestants
Read on to know what Priyank said

The national crush of India, Priyank Sharma has mixed emotions. He is happy to be with his family in Delhi for the occasion of Diwali but upset that he could not celebrate the festival with the Bigg Boss 11 family inside the house. In an EXCLUSIVE conversation with us, Priyank said, “I am definitely upset about leaving the house so early. However, I am overwhelmed to see the kind of positive support I am getting from fans and viewers. I miss the house and would have loved to celebrate Diwali with them. I was there for just five days, I do want to go back.” Delhi boy Priyank Sharma was one of the most popular contestants on MTV Splitsvilla and had million of girls rooting for him on Salman Khan’s show. We were a little surprised seeing Priyank’s enthusiasm for getting back inside the Bigg Boss 11 house given the fact that this season is the nastiest one ever. He says, “When someone says it is the nastiest season, I would say that there are 3-4 people who are spreading so much negativity inside – cracking jokes on sexual orientation et all. I was so disappointed when I heard Shilpa (Shinde) ji talking about all this. I loved her in Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai. She is such a senior and respected actress. People have suffered so much due to her behaviour. I just hope that teenagers who are watching the show, don’t get influenced with the negativity. If I going inside, I will try to make it better. Obviously, it would be too lofty if I said I would make it a better place but yes, I would fight for better things inside the Bigg Boss 11 house. I would tell a few people that what they are doing is utterly wrong.”
Every year, Bigg Boss brings in contestants from the LGBT community. We have seen people like Laxmi Narayan Tripathi, Sushant Digvikar and VJ Andy. Never did we see the kind of homophobia as it was visible in this season. Commenting on this, Priyank opined, “Of course, yes…it (the homophobia) was surprising and shocking. This is the 21st century and it’s shocking to see people make fun on basis of sexual orientation. As a kid, in school, I would see other boys making fun of some of their peers calling him gay/bisexual but that was 10-11 years ago. It was kind of unacceptable then. Today, people are educated and understand sexual orientation a lot better. I saw people who were close to 40 stoop down to such a level for revenge that it was plain disgusting.” Priyank, himself wasn’t spared of the barbs. From being called as a chamcha to being termed as Vikas Gupta’s boyfriend on Twitter by Kamal R Khan, he seemingly paid the price of being close to his mentor. So, did it affect his parents or girlfriend, Divya? “My entire family does not have a connection to the entertainment industry but we are well educated people. They know me out and out. I share my life with my parents. We laughed aloud at that KRK remark. My mom was like, he knows you better than me. In fact, I know Vikas’ mom and he is friendly with my mother. Our ‘romance’ is all bullshit. We were like KRK hi hai…theek hai (laughs out aloud). I won’t say Vikas is my brother as it is used too loosely but yes, he is a friend and I care for him,” states Priyank. He does admit that Divya was a little upset initially. “She also laughed about it. Thodi pareshan thi but she understood. My friends and family laughed it off,” he says. He also elaborated on how the curiosity around Vikas’ sexuality was uncalled for. “It is his life and it is totally upto him to reveal what is his sexual orientation. I don’t feel it is important for contestants to take so much interest into it.” The handsome hunk feels the arguments between Hina Khan and Vikas Gupta are healthy and not on the level of Shilpa or Arshi Khan.priyank

The young man also spoke about how Salman Khan gave him some words of wisdom after he got evicted for pushing Akash Dadlani on the show. Priyank said, “He told me I was so calm and sensible inside the house, so why did I lose it. I told him that I had never heard abuses being hurled towards moms and such nasty stuff. He said he was disappointed at my behaviour and felt I could express myself in a better manner. I was apologetic. Salman bhai is an amazing man.” Priyank will be celebrating Diwali at home with his family. “We will play cards and celebrate. It has been a good year for me professionally so we will take out some time and enjoy our moments,” he signs off.

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