Post-Diwali detox plan: 5 steps to lose weight and get a flat tummy quickl

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Post-Diwali detox plan: 5 steps to lose weight and get a flat tummy quickl

Here is the ultimate post-festive detox plan that will help with weight loss, flatten your belly, remove the toxins, and strengthen your immune system in a few days.

  • Post-festival, a lot of us complain about issues like gastric discomfort, a feeling of bloatedness etc
  • A detox session helps with weight loss, removes the toxins, strengthens our immune system and promotes health
  • Follow this post-festive detox plan that help you shed the pounds and ease your way of going into 2   On festive days we go extra generous on the servings of puris, sweet dishes, and mulled wines. And before you are done with your diet debauchery, it makes you feel tired, lethargic and heavy. Post-festival, a lot of us complain about issues like gastric, bloatedness, etc. Feeling guilty about spoiling a diet can only be restored with a good detox diet plan. A detox helps with weight loss, removes the toxins, strengthens our immune system and promotes health.detoxwater

The ultimate post-festive detox plan for weight loss

Drink detox liquids

When it comes to removing toxins from the body and cleansing thoroughly, detox drinks benefit a lot. Loaded with herbs like celery, coriander, tulsi (Holy Basil), and spices like cinnamon, black pepper together with cucumber, lemon, apple, etc, the detox drinks help clean the body system while adding the macro-nutrients that aid the immunity system and boost the metabolism. As a result, your body flushes out the toxins faster and rejuvenates. It makes your skin look bright and radiate.

Follow a detox diet

A detox diet isn’t about fasting or starving. It is about balancing your meals and its ingredients around food items that nourish your body. For keeping up with a detox diet, start your day with a glass of lime juice, opt for more of soymilk, curd, seasonal fruits and veggies in your meals. Hydrating includes liquids like buttermilk, fruit juices and coconut water. And for snacking, one should shift from fried chips to dry fruits, seeds, and sprouts. Soups, stir-fried vegetables, and detox drinks go a long way in improving your body system within just a few days.

Hydrate. And hydrate more!

There is no alternative to water when it comes to hydration! After heavy eating, bingeing on snacks and running around during the festival, you are sure to feel dehydrated. Post-festive detox includes loading up on your hydrogen dioxide dose on a consistent and regular basis. Drinking 3-4 litres of water is essential to boost your digestive system, cleanse the body and get healthy hydration. Water keeps your energy levels high, eases sleep schedule and boosts your body metabolism.

Get exercising, walking or Yoga!

Post-festive weight gain is real! After you have had your favourite time binging on fried foods, sweet dishes and relishing curries – you are sure to witness the signs of the diet on your body. It’s time to get exercising and sweat out the extra calories for a healthy and balanced body. Exercising 30-45 minutes daily is recommended to get a metabolic boost, shed off the extra kilos and give your skin a replenished radiant look. Yogic asanas, kriyas, morning walks are your answers to getting fit after festivals.


Running around for sourcing groceries, picking up the decorative items or decorating the house like never before – it takes a lot of mental, emotional and physical efforts to celebrate a festival. While a detox diet takes care of your body system, meditation is the key to your mental and emotional detox. Take out time to meditate in solidarity and practice meditation, chanting or listening to music for an emotional detox. It helps to get away from post-festive anxiety and gives a healthy boost to your mind to work on the tasks ahead. A mental detox is as important as a body detox.

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