‘Paying much more attention to meditation, breathing, and inner peace’, shares Jacqueline Fernandez; Inspiration all the way!

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Jacqueline is hailed as Bollywood’s Miss Sunshine and everyone can surely relate to it as she is always seen in her best spirit. The actress always looks calm, composed and the audiences always wonder- how Jacqueline maintains herself so well with a contagious spirit and positive outlook?

Achieving her inner peace and calm, Jacqueline tells us all the secret and says, “Over the years, I have realized that fitness is not about being of a particular size. I am paying much more attention to meditation, breathing, and inner peace these days.”

Adding on how she keeps herself calm, Jacqueline says, “I am focusing more on things that calm me, sometimes yoga, sometimes dancing, and sometimes breathing exercises. My fitness routine will always be there. But if I have just an hour to spare, I will go for a meditation session instead of the gym`.

Everyone surely focuses on the path of fitness but very few are able to achieve it all. Jacqueline clearing all the clouds of doubts, shares the path with us to follow for achieving inner peace and being fit in the longest term.

Jacqueline has always focused on the right direction and aced it. The actress never fails to surprise us and wow the audiences with her different avatars and be it fashion, brands or anything.

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