On Women’s Day, Swara Bhaskar wants to ask, ‘Why aren’t you a feminist ?’

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On Women’s Day, Swara Bhaskar wants to ask, ‘Why aren’t you a feminist ?’
On the occasion of International Women’s Day today, \GLOBAL MOVIE brings to you an EXCLUSIVE open letter written by Swara Bhaskar in which she dispels some myths about Feminism.

On Women’s Day, Swara Bhaskar wants to ask, ‘Why aren’t you a feminist ?’
Why we think Swara Bhaskar’s frill skirt at a Delhi event was a horrible actress-swara-bhaskar-wallpaper_138121521340
Dear fellow women (and men) who proudly wear the badge ‘not a feminist’ ;

As we celebrate yet another international women’s day.. while recording yet another rape entry.. and shaking our heads at yet another sexist and stupid remark our politicians make about women and genders violence.. I want to ask you something- what do u mean when u say you are not a feminist -and then proceed to give loooooooooooo..ng explanations about how you believe in equal rights for women. ???

You know that’s like saying you are vegan and then eating a plate of butter chicken- or something less flippant than that!!

So allow me on this women’s day to dispel some myths you may have about Feminism, and then we can all go redeem those 33% discount vouchers shopping at high street brands. Such an apt way to celebrate women and women’s issues!

– Feminism is not a religion whose rules are laid down on a holy slab of concrete or contained in a holy book. It has no fixed rules.

– Feminism is not about special or more rights for women.

– Feminism is not about disempowering men or chopping anyone’s balls off or about taking over the world.

– Feminism is not (only) about reserving seats in buses and public transport for women.

– Feminism is not a desire to have the chair pulled out for you and the door held open for you your whole life literally and metaphorically.

I.e. Feminism is NOT about sops.

– Feminism is not (only) about burning bras and whatever else was burnt.

– Feminism is not limited to the choice to or not to exfoliate body hair..

– Feminism is not a conspiracy to entrap men in fake dowry cases and fake rape cases..

So what is this much is understood thing called Feminism. Now i am not a historian nor a sociologist to be able to lay out definitions here.. But here’s what I can share with you about what I understand about Feminism.

– Feminism is a philosophy, a tradition if critical thinking, a framework of beliefs that (rightly) sees women as having been oppressed institutionally and in individual experience by a male dominated thought process in religion, in culture, in law and in social practice.

– Feminism is a diverse and varied set of movements and struggles fought and led by various biologically unrelated women to ensure women get equal rights, equal treatment, equal access, equal opportunity institutionally and by law.

– Feminism fights for women AND MEN to be free of the burden of their gender stereotypes.

– Feminism asks for seats in buses, schools, panchayats, parliament not as special or more rights but as corrective rights to set right a 5000 year old lead that men have in terms of access to all these institutions (including bus seats yes).

– Feminism has fought no wars and is unlikely to ever.

– Feminism has got over whether or not you burn your bra, wax, shave, or dont or frankly even whether you do or do not observe karva chauth and kanyaadaan. Feminism would like to have a discussion about the symbolism of some of these rituals and what they mean but discussions are not bad things. They are not anti national as is commonly believed.

– There are many kinda of feminists, often they disagree with one another, sometimes they fight with each other.. some even keep karvaa chauth i guess.

-Feminism doesn’t want or need shopping discount coupons.

– A true feminist would never file a false dowry or fake domestic violence case.

-Feminists are fun and do have a sense of humour. They are generally smart also.

– Feminism is not gender specific. Men can be feminists too.

So as someone who believes that men and women are equal, who believes in equal rights, tell me again..

Why aren’t you a feminist??

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