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Drashti Dhami

In EXCLUSIVE conversation with BollywoodLife, the actress revealed her plans of a second marriage. We wonder what went wrong in her love paradise! We all know that Drashti Dhami is now a happily married woman. The actress married her long-time beau, Neeraj Khemka in a very private ceremony in February and the reason we know she’s happy is because there hasn’t been a single interview of the diva post marriage where she hasn’t raved about how loving her husband and in-laws are. In fact Drashti even said that if her shoot keeps her from meeting her father-in-law for a couple of days (since he’s an early sleeper), he sends her a text saying, “missing you beta.” How sweet is that! But despite all of this, in an exclusive conversation with BollywoodLife, Drashti admitted that she intends to marry again. No guys, it’s not what you think. Here’s the thing…

The Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani actress always wanted a destination wedding on a beach with just a few close friends and family, but since she was the last girl from her maternal family to be married, her wedding became a grand affair with every relative, every acquaintance being invited. Obviously, with that long guest list, her idea of a destination wedding went down the drain. So she’s come up with a new plan to live her dream.

The actress said, “I’m thinking may be 5 years or 10 years down the line, on my anniversary, Neeraj and I will get married again on a beach; may be in Goa or may be abroad. And it will definitely be a white wedding.” Awww!

We just hope the actress does not bar the media from attending this one, like she did the first time because we are already excited about seeing the diva in a white gown.

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