Nach Baliye 8 winner Divyanka Tripathi on ugly fan wars with Sanaya Irani: We would have lost focus if we entered that zone.

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Nach Baliye 8 winner Divyanka Tripathi on ugly fan wars with Sanaya Irani: We would have lost focus if we entered that zone

Divyanka Tripathi and Vivek Dahiya are on cloud nine. The much-in-love TV couple took home the Nach Baliye 8 trophy last night after withstanding stiff competition from some extremely popular TV couples. EDivyanka-Vivekcstatic couple who are busy celebrating the win. Divyanka told us, “Last night we were out with our family, managers, team and other close friends. It was a lengthy dinner. We talked, laughed and did a lot of masti. Pura restaurant sar par uthaya tha. We celebrated together.” Besides the golden trophy, the couple have also won Rs 35 lakhs in cash. So, what do they plan to gift each other? “Vivek is planning to gift me something soon,” she said. “Yeah, it is a surprise, it will be out very soon,” he quipped.
The couple described Nach Baliye 8 as a crash course in what a marriage can be all about. Things went wrong for them but they stuck though to come up trumps. Divyanka says, “Vivek is very positive as a person. When anything is shown to him, he says it is simple – whether it is about dance or anything else. If he cannot get it quickly, he works hard for it. His positive attitude is his best trait.” Vivek is also full of praise for his hard-working and tenacious missus. Vivek states, “I have always operated like that. Divyanka is a hard worker.” At this moment, Div teases him saying he has to say positive stuff, “Hard working is not a negative quality,” quips Vivek. Post the banter, he further says, “She does things repeatedly till she gets it right. She can withstand pain with a lot of ease as compared to others. She is a workaholic. She can function without sleep. I would give up in three-four days if I got only sleep of four-five hours but not Divyanka.” One will recollect that in the emotional letter, he wrote for Divyanka, he stated that he was the happiest when she saw her sleeping soundly.
However, there was a moment when Vivek felt a little unsure about Divyanka’s continuation on the show. “After the fourth week, she had the back spasm. I told her we cannot continue like this as I was very concerned about her health. I, along with the choreographers told her to take a two days break. I had to force her.” Divyanka tells us how hubby dearest ganged up with the choreographers to make her sit at home. “He told them, sab log mana karenge. He knows I can never say no to work,” says she. However, it was not too long before Divyanka was back at the studio. The lady who was shooting for Yeh Hai Mohabbatein would come and watch Vivek rehearse. “Bas, ek hi din baithi thi,” quips Vivek.

The two confess that they miss dancing terribly. Vivek says, “We want to continue, it is so good. For sure, we will continue our association with dance. I am getting withdrawal symptoms, like what I do.” Divyanka also says that dance rehearsals were a welcome break from the monotony of shooting for a daily soap. “Khali khali lag raha hai. Every week, I would look forward to the challenge,” says Divyanka. The couple say that memorizing steps while listening to music was a different thing altogether.

Besides the dance, the season has been known for its competitiveness and fan wars. The duel got particularly nasty between DiVek’s fans and those of Sanaya Irani and Mohit Sehgal. Did the negativity affect them at any point? “No, nothing matters. We have the trophy at home,” says Vivek. She also has similar opinions. The couple reiterate that negativity and trolling does not matter. However, they agree that fan wars can be distracting and it is best not to indulge in them. Divyanka says, “I told our fans not to bash anyone. Though they want to answer back, their hands were tied. I told people to keep it dignified and not abuse. We would have lost focus if we entered into that zone.” Talking about co-competitors, the couple adore Aashka Goradia and Brent Goble. They feel they could have sustained longer. Divyanka says, “On a parting note, I told Brent that he should try Jhalak if he gets an opportunity.”

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