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The couple talk about their journey in Nach Baliye 7, nhok-jhoks, love story and more

I got in touch with Nach Baliye 7 winners Himmanshoo Malhotra and Amruta Khanvilkar and was taken aback by how honest, cute, adorable, fun and how perfect they were for each other. Of course, Himmanshoo is the more sorted one among the two, but without Amruta’s craziness they’d not have survived this long in the relationship. Here are the excerpts from the EXCLUSIVE interview…

How does it feel to finally win Nach Baliye 7?

Himmanshoo: It feels like our prayers have been answered and our hard work has been paid off. We are grateful to all those who prayed and voted for us.

Amruta: It’s feels like we are blessed. If his father was here with us now, he’d be dancing more than Himmanshoo. But I am sure he’s up there and really proud of us.

Tell us one thing you discovered about each other during the show.

H: I don’t think there is anything about each other we didn’t know before. We always knew everything but I think we moved one step forward in exploring ourselves and our relationship.

A: On a funny note, I discovered that I don’t mind it when he interrupts me or tells me what to do. I realised that he doesn’t mind me dominating him when it comes to dancing.

How much has Himmanshoo improved as a dancer in this duration?
A: Himmanshoo has improved tremendously. He has been becoming better every minute and now I can confidently say that he is one of the best dancers on the show.

Is there anything about each other you wished you hadn’t known? Or hoped it wouldn’t revealed in front of the audience?

H: There is really nothing we wished we didn’t know about each other. ..

A: And there’s nothing in our lives that has been a secret from the fans who love us either. In an argument between the two of you’ll, who wins?

A: I win in any argument we have because he just drops the topic. Even when he is extremely angry about something and screaming at me, I still win that argument ‘coz I don’t give it too much importance.

Do you think Season 7 was right for you?

H: This season has been perfect for us. Dance is not the only way that people know us, through all the tasks and interactions people know the real us.

A: I believe with this season we’ve connected to people with our hearts. One thing you love about each other.

A: A lot of things actually, you can’t just pick one or two. He is a nice person I don’t have to say it everyone knows. He takes care of his family and friends. I love all the sacrifices he’s made for me. I love it that when we fight, both of us drop it and move on. He doesn’t mind all my craziness.

H: I love everything about Amruta. I love her kiddish nature, bubbliness, enthusiastic behaviour and her dancing. She is a fabulous dancer, I was mesmerised by her from day one. I love everything about her.

One thing you wish you could change about Nach Baliye.

H: They should have given us more time to rehearse. We barely got a day or two. If we had time, we’d do those acts with more finesse, though all our performances have been good.

A: I know our performances have been good but had we got the time it would have been better and perfect.

What is your take on this year’s judges?

H: They’ve been fantastic and I am not being diplomatic. We particularly have no problem with them as they’ve never said anything against us. So they are not unfair. In fact Chetan sir has been fantastic to us; he had once told us that this season was made for us. We cannot get a better compliment. Marzi sir has stood on the table and praised us they’ve been really great.

How do you pacify Amruta when she’s upset?

A: He never does anything. I am the one who has to say sorry five times.

H: That’s a lie. I have to pamper her when she’s upset. I have to say sorry as well. Over a period of time it has reduced a lot.

A: He doesn’t come to pacify me. I cry a little and then get back to normal. However, when he gets upset I just ignore it. (laughs) We say sorry to each other five times. That’s the rule

Tell us about your most romantic date.

A: We had gone for a Europe trip for about 18 days. It was the most memorable time we’ve spent with each other. And Himmanshoo loves travelling and shopping.

Who is more of a shopaholic between the two of you’ll?

A: He is… he recently spent about Rs 10, 000 on shoes.

H: (laughs)

What is your love story?

A: In 2004 we’d come from two different cities. We’ve been together till 2015 we’ve got to know each other. We’ve been through a lot of troubles and a lot of good times but we never left each other come what may. We were friends, then best friends and then got married.

Who popped the question?

H: No one did. Our parents knew about us. We thought it was time to get married. Our parents decided the date and we got hitched.

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