” My Journey From ISHAQZAADE Till PANIPAT Is Like A Dream Come True For Me” – ARJUN KAPOOR

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By Mohan krishancover
” My Journey From ISHAQZAADE Till PANIPAT Is Like A Dream Come True For Me” –
  Yash Raj Films’ ISHAQZAADE gave a brand new hero Arjun Kapoor and Bollywood Film Industry got a new star-actor. He then acted in films like AURANGZEB, TEVAR, FINDING FANNY, 2 STATES, GUNDAY,  ICE AGE-COLLISION COURSE ( Voice only),  KI & KA,  MUBARAKAAN ,HALF GIRL FRIEND, NAMASTE ENGLAND, INDIA’S MOST WANTED etc.
 He spoke to Mohan Ayyer.
The film  PANIPAT has brought a new life to your career . Comments. 
 In  PANIPAT , I am  playing the immortal role of  Sadashiv Rao Bhau whose bravery is now a big history and the audiences are going to watch it on the big screen. I promise you, this role is going to be a landmark film in my career. People will simply love this character. Students of  History will even repeat the film as watching a visual on the big screen is far better than reading history from a book.I went bald for months for this great role and also lots of weight I gained to get into the skin of a warrior. Its been a tough journey for me eversince I was a kid when it comes to my battle with obesity. And now, in PANIPAT, people will watch me in the battlefield doing all types of stunts . For me, every day is a battle in real life too !
So you remember your struggle with life and now all is cool when you are an established actor . Comments.
Everyone has their own struggles in life and I am not different from others.. But the whole point of life is that if we fall, we will also rise again. Our efforts will pay off eventually, if not today but tomorrow… I have seen the best of my life when I turned an actor. I want to continue my efforts in the most sincere manner. Being a producer’s son, I know the pains of a producer and how much it takes to release a film.Nowadays, the competetion is becoming more and more. Even PANIPAT has to face the competetion from PATI PATNI AUR WOH which is releasing on the same day all over.
Do you think that two big films releasing on the same day can eat away the collections of both the films ?
 Yes. I hear this from every film trade person every day. But business of films and also the interest taken by the audiences today have changed drastically after the mutiplexes came in. You may watch your favourite film by the weekend. But then from Monday to Thursday, you can still be tempted to see another film.So, I think, two big films can still clash with other. LAGAAN and GADAR released on the same day and both films were blockbusters. I feel, the audiences are eager to watch the best. So, if PANIPAT and PATI PATNI AUR WOH have the best content, then both films will run well in the cinema halls too.
How was it working with Sanjay Dutt and Kriti Sanon in PANIPAT ?
It was simply the best moments I have spent with both Sanjay Dutt and Kriti. Sanju baba plays the role of a Mughal Emperor and Kriti is playing my wife.I must add here that Ashutosh Gowaikar has also been very dedicated to the whole film and he has burnt the midnight lamp to come out with such a masterpiece. He asked me jokingly:” Arjun, you became bald for my film.” I told him:” Agar bald nahi hua toh the Peshwas would feel offended.”
You are always supporting the  filmmaker’s choice of locations and even went to Patna to shoot where normally many actors avoid to go for fear of security ?
 I had even gone for the shooting of TEVAR in Patna and I never hesitate to go to the choice of any location the producer desires. I had even gone to shoot in Patna for the film INDIA”s MOST WANTED.I always go for reality in the subjects. Audiences are very clever nowadays and they know very well what is outdoor shooting and indoor shooting.I had even gone to Nepal to shoot for this film. People are very nice in Bihar and Nepal. I never felt insecured.
How do see your journey from ISHAQZAADE TO PANIPAT ?
 The journey has been a dream come true for me. Looking back, I feel very fortunate and blessed to be working in a place where very few make inroads and also get the right choice of roles work. , So far the journey has been very good. I know there will be hits and also flops. They are the part of any actor’s journey. But I am very glad to see where I am positioned today.
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