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Mastizaade is all set to hit the screens tomorrow and the cast has done everything to make sure that the film is promoted well. While Sunny Leone is playing a double role in this one, let’s see if the cast has packed an entertaining punch with this one. Though adult comedies are not new to us, read on to know if this one is worth your money.
What’s it about:
A week after Kya Kool Hai Hum 3 comes another sex comedy Mastizaade. Unlike the claims made by makers of the previous film this one isn’t India’s first attempt at the genre. There isn’t any point explaining the plot of Mastizaade cause there isn’t really one. The film is an attempt to put together a collage of some funny and not so funny jokes and use the box office draw – Sunny Leone to full advantage. If you are a Sunny fan then you are in for a double treat. Along the way we meet a supporting cast of Asrani, Suresh Menon and Shaad Randhawa who share the burdensome task of making the audience laugh. If sexual innuendos, double meaning dialogues and tons of cleavage and racy images get you excited then Mastizaade is your film this weekend.

What’s hot
Hate her or love her but you can’t ignore her. Sunny Leone is in full throttle mode in Mastizaade. There is hardly any scene that doesn’t have Sunny in it. And you have to give her full marks for attempting this genre with uber confidence. She is unapologetic and brash in her portrayal of the twin sisters Laila and Lily. Vir Das has superb comic timing and is totally at ease with his role. He has some of the best lines in the film. Also his equation with Tusshar helps most of the scenes work. Tusshar who has already dabbled in the genre before knows the routine and plays the part well. Riteish Deshmukh’s special appearance is a major highlight and we wish his cameo was extended and he had more screen time.

What’s not
A lot of scenes in the film are clichéd and even with the long pauses and build up one can predict the end of a stretched joke. Some even seem borrowed from Whatsapp groups. There isn’t any harm in using material that’s out, but then you lose the ability to throw a surprise or present something fresh. Because of lack of a vital story line the film has an uneven graph. Suresh Menon’s utterly stereotyped gay character is garish and totally unnecessary. Also he has played an effeminate gay man so many times on other platforms that this had zero entertainment quotient. The climax is poorly written and badly executed almost as if it were a scene out of a 90s slapstick show.

What to do
Mastizaade is clearly a Sunny Leone film, and if you plan to watch it for her then it’s worth the price of admission.

Rating: 2.0 out of 52.0 Star Rating

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