Madhurima Tuli speaks about fitness!

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By  Sandeep Hattangadi
Madhurima Tuli  speaks about fitness!
*How would you rank the following according to the importance in your
lives? A) health B) wealth,c) Success), d) fame ,e)love f) friends*
How importance is diet for you and how helpful or harmful are they?
I don’t diet as I did it once and it harmed me so after that like my
immune system and hemoglobin count went very low since then I have stopped
dieting. I don’t diet; I eat proper Ghar ka khana which is very healthy and
very sufficient for me and my diet. Luckily I haven’t put on that much
weight. I mostly avoid outside food; I eat house food which is very healthy
and good for your system also.
What are your top five fitness rules?
My top 5 fitness rules would be:
Eat Healthy.
Exercise Daily.
Drink a lot of water.
Keep yourself mentally fit._Q1A0127
How important is nutrition for you?Nutrition is very important for me because without nutrition you feel
very weak and lethargic,  you don’t feel like working and if you have to
work and want to work you need to put nutrition inside your stomach,
inside  your body so that you are active enough to work and to achieve your
goals.What are the three important points one should keep in mind for an ideal
weight loss?

The three important points to keep in mind for an ideal weight loss
would be:
Eat Ghar Ka Khana which is of less oil not too much salt.
Exercise daily or  do yoga or dance are good options
Cycling or jogging or just walking half an hour will also help.
How is drinking water good for health?

Drinking water is very good for  health, I would say it clears your
toxic, I think you really need to have water, it keeps you hydrated
otherwise you might have  very bad skin or hair loss, there are so many
things that could happen if you don’t have water. You’ll have major health
issues. So drinking water is really important for health.

What  are the three tried and tested workouts for weight loss according to
Three tried and tested workouts for me for my weight loss is Surya
namaskar, I think it’s the best workout ever; it tones all the part of your
body, dancing is the best and jogging also.
What are your fitness mantras?

My fitness mantra is to eat well and healthy, exercise daily if not
daily then at least 4 times a week. That keeps you in good shape physically
and mentally also.
Is there any one move or exercise that is best for the whole body?

One more exercise that is best for the whole body would be jogging. It
is best for the whole body.
What is true fitness according to you?

True fitness to me would be even if you’re a little health, as long as
you don’t feel weak, you don’t feel dehydrated, and you don’t feel
lethargic. I think you are fit if you can work 8 hours a day without really
getting tired._Q1A0098
what is your idea of a perfect body?

My idea of a perfect body would be toned even if you are on a healthier
side. If you are toned and fit if you can wear whatever you want and you
don’t look bad in it. I think you have a perfect body.

What is the diet that you follow?
There is no such diet that I follow. I prefer Ghar ka khana which is
very healthy like proper sabzi, dal, and chapatti or rice maybe. I think
you get all the nutrition and everything in it, so I prefer home food and
no diet.
when are your cheat days and what do you eat on these days?
My cheat day’s meal would be pani- puri as I love pani- puri and I enjoy
it and sometimes pizza also with a lot of cheese. So these are my cheat
meal. There are no as such cheat days I enjoy every food whenever I feel
like eating pani-puri or pizza or burger, I eat it, but then I work out, I
jog so that everything goes away.
Are supplements good for health?
I have never tried supplements and I would never suggest also that
supplements are good for health. I think it’s better to consult a trainer
or a doctor for a better understanding. For me it never worked.
Do you forego dieting on some occasions?

Dieting as I have mentioned before was very harmful to me as I was low
on immunity and hemoglobin. So it caused me a weak and bad health, since
then I don’t do dieting I just eat proper food and enjoy my meal.

What according to you is your best feature?
According to me, my best feature would be my smile!!
The best compliment that you have received.

Best compliment that I received was that I’m a really good person and I
should never change for the world. So I think I should keep that in mind
and never change.

Which is the best gym that you have worked in here and abroad?

I’m not much of a gym person, so I explored and I liked couple of them
but I’m more of a jogging, cycling and yoga person. So I avoid gymming.

When did you first step into a gym?
First time I stepped into a gym was when I was 20 years old.

At what age did you start gymming?

So I started gymming when I was 20.

What was your inspiration to keep your body fit as a teenager?

When I was a teenager I was an athlete. So it automatically helped me
remain fit because every morning we used to have our classes where we used
to run for an hour or half, then exercise for the athletic needs. So that
helped me remain fit.

Who are your personal trainers?
I’m my trainer as of now. I had couple of them but as I train at home,
so i don’t have a personal trainer.

What is the co-relation between fitness and health levels?

Fitness and health level I think it’s related to each other in a lot of
ways because obviously if you have health issues that means you are not
fit. So to remain fit you need to be aware of your body that you are
healthy, you can jog for half an hour or whatever time you have been given
and that’s how you’ll be fit. It’s inter- related in many ways so you have
to be careful what you eat, how you eat, you eat healthy to remain healthy
so you’ll remain fit.
What are your views on body shaming/

I’m completely against body-shamming and I don’t like the people who
body shame also. It’s really sad and cruel on their part to body shame
anyone because god has given them that body and they are going through
different stress with their own body, so it’s really wrong on your part if
you are body-shamming someone. I think it’s one’s own body, it’s up to them
how they treat it and become in their ways._Q1A0119 (1)

Do you feel steroids are good/
Prescribe your way for ideal mental fitness?

No, I don’t think steroids are good, not at all. It’s really bad for
your health I feel. It affects your lungs, it affects your hair and skin,
and there are so many things. My way of ideal mental fitness would be
meditation and always have a good feeling towards everyone. Not having
thoughts and having a good meal every day which means mentally you are fit.

Your idea of the fittest Hindi film movie idol.
Fittest Hindi movie idol would be Chak De! India and Bhaag Milkha Bhaag.
The most fittest actress.
Fittest actress I think is Priyanka Chopra.
How far would you  go for the fittest body?
How far I don’t know but I keep that in mind that I’m fit enough, that I
have a good body and I’m presentable because of the job that I do, I’m
eating healthy and I should not have any health issues, that’s the most
important thing for me. So I keep all these things in mind and I  don’t
think about how far I want to go but I would keep myself fit all the time
so that I can work hard, how much ever I want.

Your tips for wannabe fitness aspirants
For the people who want to be fit or who are into fitness, I would
recommend them to not go for steroids, definitely not. Appreciate your
body; love your body with whatever you have. Whatever you are doing don’t
go overboard with your fitness because that might lead to something else
later in your life. So eat healthily and exercise daily

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