Madhuri Dixit: Waiting for the right film script

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“Acting is my first love. As soon as something that I like comes to my table, I will surely say yes to that film offer. Right now, I am busy with dance shows as dance is my passion,” Madhuri told reporters.
The mother-of-two said she does not miss facing the camera because her family has always been her priority.
“Everybody has their own dreams. Having a family and children were a big part of my dream… When I was in Denver, I was living my dream. My priorities are very straight. I know what is important for me. And whenever I do anything, I plan very well.”
But Madhuri keeps a tab on the work of her Bollywood contemporaries and her co-stars. She recently watched “Fan” and was floored by Shah Rukh Khan’s performance.
“I saw ‘Fan’. It was a lovely movie. Shah Rukh khan as a fan was excellent. It was a lovely performance and him as superstar also was a very balanced and controlled act. They have not tried to show him that he is nice. He has his own fragility, ego and grey areas,” she said.
The actress said she is lucky that she has never encountered such an obsessive admirer in her more than three decade-old showbiz career.
“We always have people around us. It’s amazing that they like you when they don’t even know you. They just see you on-screen, have their own perceptions and starts liking you.”
The “Aaja Nachle” star would be seen judging the Indian version of American reality show “So You Think You Can Dance” alongside choreographers Terrence Lewis and Bosco Martis.
“The concept of the show is very different. We have divided them into two groups — stage and street.. They are dancers. They are passionate about what they do. What is difficult is they have their stories, own lives and own struggles and how some of them have been disowned by their families for taking up dance as their career option,” she said.
Madhuri, who is involved with dance since the age of three, considers herself lucky to have supportive parents and now husband.
“My parents were very supportive and so were my in-laws and husband. My husband and I are like a unit, who work together. So, if I am going to be absent, he takes over and when he is busy I do it. I wish everyone could get such a family.”

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