Let’s talk Skincare

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Let’s talk Skincare

Akshita (www.cateyesandchai.com)

I have sort of been on a skincare binge lately, trying out all different sorts of products from toners to clay masks to emulsions to serums and whatnot. It was never this way before though, since for most of my teenage and adult life I have only stuck with a simple routine; cleanser and moisturizer.

That however, has not left me very happy with the way my skin is (damn you people with perfect skin, hahaa kidding! or maybe not..) and I have decided to try out various products and increase the steps in my everyday skincare routine.

To make it a little easy for you all, I will be linking up all the underlined brands to their website, just in case you’re curious to read more about them. Also, clicking on the pictures will take you to either a Sephora or Shopper’s Drug Mart webpage, where you can lookup the price and more reviews if you are consider buying the said product.

So here goes, I will be reviewing some of the products that I have bought lately which are specific to my skin type and concerns and hopefully these will be of help to you guys as well if we do have any skin concerns in common.

My skin is extremely sensitive, dry, prone to the occasional acne and lately I see my pores getting bigger as well. Doesn’t that sound like a absolute nightmare? That’s me, oh and let’s not forget about the redness around my cheeks. Just typing out all these problems has me ready to cry and hide under my blanket… no, really.
First up we have the Sephora Collection Micellar Cleansing Milk & Water in Coconut.
They have a bunch of different options as well in green tea, charcoal (both of which are water based) and rose (milk based) however the coconut milk specifically is for soothing and relaxing the skin. I use this cleansing milk as the first step to my skincare routine at night. I squeeze some of it on a cotton pad and rub it all over my face gently.

It’s perfect to remove all of my makeup and is even safe for the sensitive areas like your eyes and lips. It also really helps that unlike some other makeup removers this one does not leave my skin feeling sticky or greasy. It is a great product especially considering it’s price point and I definitely see myself purchasing it again.
Rating: 5/5

Next, we have another cleansing product, Hello FAB Caffeine Matcha Wake Up Wipes by First Aid Beauty. This is a product I use during my morning routine on the days I feel like my skin is looking extra tired and restless.

It has antioxidant-rich matcha tea, skin brightening vitamin C, soothing aloe vera, and energizing caffeine which all help the skin look more awake and bright. It also is supposed to help with uneven texture and dullness which is a great added bonus.

Keep in mind, that the product can actually be used at night time as well since it removes dirt, excess oil and makeup. I just chose to use it in my day routine but to each their own.

Rating: 4.5/5

Moving on from cleansing products, next up is The Bright Renew Original Serum by the Korean brand Laneige. This is said to be “A high-performance, intensive serum to visibly brighten and restore skin clarity.” Honestly, when it comes to skin ‘brightening’ or sheet masks specifically I definitely trust brands from Asian countries, which is why I decided to give this one a try as it’s getting quite popular in Canada.

From the product description, it sounds like everything I would want in a serum, but the question is does it work? Yes, for the most part. I am half way through my bottle and I can see that my skin tone is slowly becoming more uniform. As a serum, its consistency is obviously light and it absorbs into my skin right away. Even on the first use, I can see the product making a slight difference to my reflection as it does appear ‘brighter’.

Since I am happy with my first Laneige product I also got a sample of the Bright Renew Emulsion by Laneige and using that as a first step, followed by this serum has been looking promising so far. The texture for both the products (used after a interval of roughly 30 seconds) feels great on my skin and is moisturizing. If I do end up getting the emulsion in full size I will put up a detailed review on it here as well.
Rating : 4/5

Next, lets start talk about moisturizers, which is a key part of your skincare routine! I’ll be starting off moisturizers with Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel Cream for Dry Skin. The reason I picked up this product was purely because of my curiosity after reading a bunch of reviews from fellow bloggers and influencers. At the same time I was also curious to try a ‘gel cream’ based moisturizer which I have not ever done in the past.

This water gel cream has hyaluronic acid in it which helps in locking in moisture as well as making my skin feel smooth and supple. However, though the product does mention that it’s for dry skin specifically, and after using it I do not see any dry patches whatsoever I still find something a miss.

It might be the fact that the product absorbs into my skin very quickly upon application, which is something I am not used to from a moisturizer as my other ones (Flawless Future by Elizabeth Arden and Ultra Repair Cream by FAB) are both quite heavy in consistency. I guess I prefer or am biased in a way with heavy consistency moisturizers after all. However, if you know that you like gel based and have dry skin,this one might work well for you and it might also be a decent option for summer time.

Rating: 3/5

Next up is also a moisturizer by the French brand LA ROCHE-POSAY. The Rosaliac Riche UV is for dry to very dry skin and is mainly a skin perfecting anti-redness moisturizer.

The product promises to give ” A soft, supple skin texture, and an even, luminous complexion.” I find this promise true as I can see the results on my skin in as early as one week of application. The product has a slight tinge of green to it which also further helps in reducing the appearance of redness while the ingredients like vitamin B3 and C work from within the skin.

As this product has factors which protect my skin from UVA and UVB rays it is used during my daytime routine. However, always remember to include a sunscreen as well as this product by no means is a substitution for that. I will definitely be picking up another bottle of this once I run out of it!

Rating: 5/5

The last product up for review today is EradiKate by Kate Somerville. I feel that every brand has a ‘star’ product or their ‘best-selling’ line. The EradiKate would certainly be the star product from this brand.

As the product description says, this is “An effective blemish-banishing acne treatment to fight pimples, zits, and future breakouts.” The product contains sulfur which helps my skin with existing imperfections as well as fighting acne. It also contains AHA’s which help with reducing the appearance of enlarged pores.

As the bottle clearly instructs, it is best to not shake it and always leave it on your table. I use this product as a part of my night time routine, right after cleansing and toning. I use a ear bud, dip it into the solution and apply it to existing blemishes and if I feel any new ones forming.

The key is to remember to use it as soon as you feel a zit forming, as that would help in taking care of it right away. For me this product is a good purchase, as the price is quite affordable and a single bottle will last you a long time.

Whenever I have used it on an existing pimple, I have noticed the size go down completely within three days of use, and with new pimples they have actually never showed up the next morning as this product might have ‘killed it’ right before they were completely formed.

Rating: 4/5

I hope you guys enjoyed my first ‘beauty’ blog post covering skincare today. I plan on alternating between skincare and makeup in my beauty blog posts to keep things different.

If you have any specific makeup products you would want me to cover the next time (concealers, foundations, highlighters etc) please do comment and I’ll try my best to incorporate them into an upcoming post!

Thank you so much for reading and please leave some feedback on what you thought of this post and if there are any products you might be curious to try out yourself!

Here’s to hoping for glowing skin days!


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