Karan Kundrra on trolls: Anusha Dandekar gets emotional but Kritika Kamra is much more sensible

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Karan Kundrra on trolls: Anusha Dandekar gets emotional but Kritika Kamra is much
more sensible
They look undeniably hot together and their online PDA is just too cute, at times. However, Karan Kundrra and Anusha Dandekar have been the victims of savage online trolling as well. It is Anusha who has been the bigger sufferer as fans of Karan Kundra and Kritika Kamra have blamed her for spoiling the dream love story between the former couple. Karan who is going to be seen on MTV’s Troll Police this weekend with girlfriend, Anusha says, “I am active on social media. In fact, I give credit for my career to social media. Ekta Kapoor had spotted me on Facebook. I was not even residing in Mumbai then.” He says that technology has evolved from fan mails to Twitter and Insta and it will grow further. “I have my own application for my fans,” says Karan.

The actor who is happy with the success of his film 1921 tries to decode the mentality of trolls. “When you admire a person, you cannot be jealous of that person. Yes, we are celebs but people should understand that we have worked hard to reach a certain position and we are also human. We have also had the same kind of life like them. I do not understand why people follow someone and troll that person. They troll a girl for her clothes, character and what not. And the kind of shit people write is really unbelievable. People are hiding behind some accounts and saying whatever,” opines the handsome hunk.

Yesterday, we read a report where Anusha Dandekar spoke about how she got abused for coming in between Kritika and Karan. When we asked Karan if that affected him, he stated, “No…not me. I don’t really care but people do. We were seen together on screen from 2009 to 2011 but it seems like their life’s purpose is to see us together. We as individuals chose not to be together from 2010. Arjun and Aarohi were characters, not us in real life. Stop being the administrators of our lives. It has spoiled my family life.” While Karan says he is unaffected, he says Anusha does get affected at times.

He says, “Anusha gets affected. She’s a girl and she is sensitive and emotional. She reads such trash everyday after coming home. Both of us are working and when we come home we want to relax. But mood kharab ho jata hai. It is sad.” The actor also elaborates on how even his parents have not been spared. “They post crappy comments about us and our parents. These people don’t know about our lives . It gets a little too much. These people do not know anything about me to inform my parents about me.” The actor says he understands that TV fan following is pretty crazy. “Kritika and I did a daily soap together in 2009 and it is almost ten years now. People are still living that dream of seeing us together. It is like they don’t have jobs,” says Karan. When we pinpointed that Anusha and Kritika are good friends otherwise, he said, “See, they are friends, they talk to each other. I am sure such trolls are present in Kritika’s life as well. But she is much more sensible than me. Mujhe zyada fark nahi padta. Main kaam par dhyaan deta hoon but Indian girls get emotional as we are conditioned like that.”

The actor feels that troll police is a great initiative to zero down on trolls who hide behind fake IDs and get them in front of celebs. “We do not want to bash them we just want to keep them in front of celebs and make them understand that we are also humans. We have similar problems and a home to go back to,” says Karan.55271378

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