Kapil Sharma CHEATS on his diet ‘multiple times’, reveals his fitness trainer..

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Kapil Sharma CHEATS on his diet ‘multiple times’, reveals his fitness trainer article-l-201737211400442004000Kapil Sharma, being the fun and foodie Punjabi that he is loves cheating on his diet, reveals his fitness trainer, Yogesh Bhateja. Kapil Sharma is one of the most entertaining hosts in the world of entertainment in our country. The comedian-turned-actor has had a tremendous journey in the industry which is full of love, laughs and more laughs. However, there’s a back story to every individual that not many know. We all have seen and felt inspired by Kapil’s drastic transformation in which he lost weight before the release of his films. Kapil had gained weight again due to the lockdown. However, Kapil bounced back when he began shooting for his TV show, The Kapil Sharma Show a couple of months ago. BollywoodLife.com got in touch with Kapil Sharma’s fitness trainer Yogesh Bhateja for a little tête-à-tête. Yogesh told us that Kapil is not only a major goofball on-screen but also in real life. We asked Yogesh whether Kapil cheats on his diet given the fact that he is a Punjabi and loves food. Yogesh revealed, “He breaks the rule every now and then.” The fitness trainer, who has worked with several celebs from the film and television world, went on to add, “He gives me a shock later saying, ‘Aree yaar Yogesh khaa liya yaar, sorry yaar khaa liya. (Yogesh, I cheated on diet. Sorry man, I just ate it).” “He has a very kiddish manner and wo jo uska ek known expression hai ki yaar ho gaya yaar, ho gaya. So, he breaks the diet multiple times (He uses his known expression to tell that he just cheated on his diet),” Yogesh said before adding, “But he covers it up. So, if I ask him to do 15 counts, he’ll do 25 just to cover it up. So, that way he is very positive and aggressive towards fitness. If he’ll commit a mistake, he’ll make sure to cover it up anyhow.”

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