Kangana Ranaut: Karan Johar needs chyavanprash

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Here’s what Kangana Ranaut has to say about not making it to the best actresses list on Koffee with Karan

Kangana Ranaut is at it again – taking on Karan Johar and Hrithik Roshan. While speaking at India Today conclave in New Delhi, she said, “Karan mocked me on the IIFA stage and said that I was asking him for a job. I mean, look at my talent and look at his movies. Me jobless? I think some people need a dose of chyavanprash.”

The actress was seen talking about not making it to the best actresses list on Koffee with Karan. She was quoted as saying, “I don’t feel left out. I really feel I stand out. When you talk about actresses, here’s a three-time National Award-winning actress. Mr. Johars of the world tries to present a list of people whose acting abilities are questionable. It’s brain-feeding of another magnitude.”

Talking about Roshan, she quipped, “Here’s a person I have worked with. He is denying even knowing me and getting away with it. How does that happen?”

Kangana Ranaut was also in news recently for her comments on ‘Pakistan destruction’, for which she said. When asked about her statement at the conclave, she said: “I think it was very sort of instinctive sentiment that we all felt that time when we were faced with that type of shocking incident. It was possibly the most brutal and most inhuman in centuries, it will always be a deep scar, wound in our conscience.”

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