John Abraham: Who says action can’t be sensual?

globalmovie     22 Mar,2016         No Comment


Imagine studly Rambo raging with additional sexy sinews. That would be something to throw adrenaline junkies into a frenzy and make them drool. At 6 ft 1½ inches and 94 kgs, John is the most non-violent action man, who “you don’t want to mess with.” Fourteen years ago, he threw himself into the ring with rugged rawness. Without any Bollywood blood-ties or brotherhood that would give him a ticket to stardom. He became the country’s sex symbol, and still is. That and more. Now, he is a sharp producer who knows where to bet his bucks and an actor whose brain flexes more that his bulging muscles. Also, a creative man who campaigns the need for new talent in the industry, outside of its bloodline. Awaiting the release of his next action film ‘Rocky Handsome,’ John packs in a lot in this heart-to-heart. From his heavy-weight views on godfathers and good content, to six-pack abs and the Spartan-like stock of stars in Bollywood.

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