It is now summer time in Toronto which also means Rosé season is officially ON.

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Monday, June 26, 2017

It is now summer time in Toronto which also means Rosé season is officially ON.

Whether you’re a wine lover or not, Rosé is usually well liked by almost everyone, isn’t it? This is not really surprising when you think of it, as it is in fact the oldest type of wine. That’s right, people were sipping on Rosé centuries before red or white wine were even invented. *Gasp* And here you thought Rosé was a popular ‘millennial culture’ drink. Nope, that is certainly not true.

But whether you really love Rosé wine or not, this post is about fashion and makeup featuring my seasonal favourites in… you guessed it! Everything rose gold and blush.

A bit impossible to not have some Rosé wine in to start off this post isn’t it? This delicious bubbly is a light and fruity, Sparkling Rosé wine by Bottega. The wine is dry, light to medium bodied with strawberry and raspberry aromas. Yum.

Speaking of aromas and scents, the perfume I featured above by Juicy Couture is probably the favourite perfume. This is the third time I have purchased it, as it’s become a staple in my collection.

You can say the Viva La juicy La Fleur is the sister of the original Viva La Juicy. Unlike the first version, this one is less over powering and more fit in my opinion for an everyday use. I still always get compliments whenever I’m wearing it. Let’s just say if they were ever to discontinue it, I would be stocking this one up by the bottles.

Being a huge fan of the still popular matte lipstick trend, I was quite skeptical to jump on anything metallic and glossy. That changed though, when Smashbox came out with this collection and I came to know that there was a beautiful rose gold shade which was a part of it.

It is definitely one of the very few metallic lipsticks I own, but one that I’m glad to have bought for those days when I’m feeling a little bold with my lips. The pigmentation is absolutely lovely as well, as the colour shows up well with one swipe of an application.

This is my very first product by Stila, which also happens to be another beautiful rose gold coloured item that I purchased during the beginning of spring. This one is a liquid glitter eye shadow which is great for a dramatic and glamorous look that you might want to go for at certain times.

After a few applications, I realized its the best to blend this on my eyelids with my fingers rather than a brush and to also do so before it dries out, as moving it around then might make it appear chunky and less smooth. Once the eye shadow is on and dry, it stays on for a long time without creasing.

This one is a winner! Not just with me but apparently a lot of people as it won the ‘2017 OK Beauty Award’. This alcohol free cleansing toner is infused with rose petals and is great for all skin types, including dry and sensitive ones like mine. The toner is said to help with pores as well as to soften the skin. It further helps me with even hydrating and prepping my skin as a first step in my routine, after the cleanser.

If you want to know an in depth review on this particular product, you can always message me or wait a little longer as I will be including this product in an upcoming skincare post shortly!

That’s all from my Rosé season blog post! I hope you all enjoyed it, and as always I would

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