Irrfan Khan deserves compassion and support from all of us in the middle of these malicious rumours!

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Stop the speculations and rumours, Irrfan Khan needs our compassion and support in these trying times

Stop the speculations and rumours, Irrfan Khan needs our compassion and support in these trying times
Life is short and highly unpredictable. These are two words that can’t be reinforced any better in the current time. Just a week back the shocking news of Sridevi’s demise shook the entire world. We are still reeling under the fact that she is no more and her family is still in the healing mode. So when the news of Irrfan Khan’s life threatening illness hit the internet we chose to turn a blind eye to it as just another rumour. But clearly there was something going on which was far serious than anyone could imagine. If you have ever met Irrfan you can tell how different he is from his serious on screen characters. He loves a good joke and he can actually con you into believing he’s having a bad day, when he’s actually having a laugh at your expense. Irrfan’s talent and his craft is unparalleled and it has been lauded on the global platform. But beyond that he’s also a good human being. And that is a perspective we often miss, that actors are humans too.

And during this time of personal crisis, Irrfan deserves our compassion more than unwarranted curiosity. Reports of him having a terminal brain cancer, loose talk of him being hospitalised are not only cruel and vulgar, but they serve no purpose in reporting a story, especially when the individual has already come out and issued a statement asking everyone to respect his privacy. Irrfan’s statement is heartbreaking and if you read in between the lines, there is a request by a man, who is asking the world to not make a mockery of his situation. If we have learnt anything from our mistakes during Sridevi’s death coverage, this is another chance to show compassion and let Irrfan take his own time to speak about his condition and share details when it seems fit.

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