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The winner of India’s Got Talent talks about his big win, his plan with the prize money, his future in the industry .

It’s a big day for Manik Paul as he goes back to his home town with his head held high. His dream to win IGT has come true. We caught up with Manik to find out more about his plans for the future and this is what he said. Read excerpts from the interview.

How did the winning moment feel like?

I couldn’t believe that I won IGT. It’s one of the best shows I the country. I can’t even explain or express that moment. I never wanted to forget it. My mom was both crying and smiling.

You did this so that you could buy a house for your mother. Where are you looking to settle down?

I have not yet started searching. I want to continue living here in Mumbai. So I’ll try to find some place near Thane, so that I can do something more here.

Are you really planning to take your talent international?

There’s still a lot more I have to learn before I go international. Actually, there’s a lot to learn right here in India, so I’ll do that first.

What has Remo D’Souza promised you? Will he help learn some more?
Varun Dhawan had said during the show that Remo sir definitely will have some plan for me. So I will definitely message sir again and talk.

How did your mom react to your victory?

Mom is thrilled. I gave the trophy to her ‘coz I did this for her.

What are your plans with your winning amount?

I’ll buy a house with the money and if anything is left then I’ll deposit it in the bank.

You are already an expert in the aerial act, what’s next?

I want to learn dancing now. I think someone will definitely train me and I’d really be honoured if I could get the opportunity to learn dance from Terence (Lewis) sir.

What is your plan for now, after this interview?

I want to go back to my village in Arunachal Pradesh. My people are waiting for me there with flowers. I want to go back home and thank them all for supporting me and voting for me. I want to go back and meet everyone.

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