During the lockdown, we have seen actress Katrin Kaif coming forward to support various initiatives through her brand Kay Beauty. And while the crisis of the pandemic continues, Katrina, in collaboration with others, has been reaching out to people to help. Recently, she spoke about the same with the CEO and founder of Beautycon, Moj Mahdara.

In her conversation with Moj, Katrina shared some amazing insights about lots of things, and her beautiful vision of helping others is something that will win your heart. The actress lauded Moj for her campaign with Beautycon and for raising USD 8 million during the pandemic. Katrina also praised Moj for bringing together a community of beauty owners, one of it being Kay Beauty, to support in times of need.

Later, both shared a mutual respect for each other in working towards the philanthropic front. Katrina who has turned entrepreneur with her makeup line Kay Beauty was also praised by Moj for the weekly videos on ‘Selfkare with Kay’ and for helping her local community and the Kay Beauty Community through several initiatives.

Talking about the motto behind her brand, Katrina also shared, “From the inception of Kay Beauty it has always been about putting women first. It was something we launched because we felt there was a gap in the market which we wanted to fill and I also wanted to have a voice about my experience with make-up in the beauty industry as an actress over the last few years. Make-up is a very personal thing to me and I just wanted a sense of freedom to come into the way that we were conversing about make-up and beauty in general. Right from our campaign which was about, it’s okay to be you, we are all beautiful and not mistakes and we have to celebrate who we are. That has been at the heart of our company since the beginning.”

While the two went on to discuss a lot more further, Moj also told Katrina how there is a huge fanbase for the actress that speaks and thinks quite highly of her. Later, Moj also invited Katrina to join them on the Beautycon stage. Other celebrities who were a part of this include names like Gwyneth Paltrow, Miranda Kerr, Drew Barrymore, etc.