I was scared to reveal Laksshya’s pictures earlier, says Tusshar Kapoor

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I was scared to reveal Laksshya’s pictures earlier, says Tusshar Kapoor
Tusshar Kapoor opens up about why he didn’t reveal Laksshya’s pictures earlier and if he will continue to do so in future…maxresdefault

Tusshar Kapoor’s son, Laksshya, celebrated his first birthday yesterday and it was definitely a very proud moment for the actor. The star was busy planning a very intimate birthday bash since the past couple of days and post the celebrations we had an opportunity to have a candid chat with him. As the star was busy travelling for his shoot, we had a telephonic conversation with him, where he spilled the beans on what transpired at the much talked-about bash, how time flew by and why he hates leaving his son alone ever. Read the complete interview below…
First of all congratulations on your son’s first birthday! How were the celebrations?

The bash was very nice and an extremely intimate one. I had invited around 10-15 kids of his age and there were many activities planned for them. I was busy playing the good host and was constantly running from here to there.

Did the time fly by for you? How would you describe this first year?

Yeah, time has really flown by and it was a very special year for me. I just feel very fulfilled and there is no time to get bored. There is no time to think much but lots of joy. There are huge responsibilities but I don’t really mind that.

Any special moment that has been etched in your mind?

I think it would be the first time that I saw him on the cot and took him in my arms. After that, there has been several of them…I can’t really pick one. It has been a very emotional and beautiful journey.

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Talking about the journey, have you documented the same?

Yeah, I have lots of photos and videos shot by me and my family members and they all are so special to me!

So, don’t you think you should share the same pictures and videos with your fans? We are sure they would love to see.

I never wanted to keep him away from the limelight. I was just scared back then. But now that he’s one year old, I will share it henceforth just the way I did yesterday. I wanted to wait for a year but now I will. I don’t even like to display everything because some things are too precious. Some things are very private and some things you can share with the world. It should be that way.

One wish that you would like to make on behalf of your son?

I would just wish him all the happiness, health, wealth and that he really grows up well to be a smart and caring human being. If I could give half the things which my parents gave me, it would be more than enough.

Any resolution you want to make as a father?

There is no resolution because that would mean I am unsure if I have to make a resolution. But I would always like to be there for him, whenever he needs a father’s support.

What is the one thing Laksshya does that makes your day?

That would be when he starts laughing or giggling. His laughter makes my day.

Yesterday when we saw his pictures, he looked scared by all the attention…

He was a bit scared. Usually he’s very camera friendly but last night there were so many of them clicking him randomly that he felt scared. But he was quite well behaved and didn’t cry looking at all the new faces. He was okay!

You even took him to the Golmaal Again sets in Hyderabad. Did he enjoy it?

I didn’t take him on the sets because there was too much of heat and we were shooting outdoors. But he loved being in the hotel, lobby and on the pool side. He enjoyed the weather there.

Do you plan to take him with you on all the shoots?

I do wish that. If it’s a small schedule of 3-4 days then maybe no. But if it’s a longer schedule then definitely yes.

Which is the first movie of yours that you will like him to watch?

As a child, I would love if he watches the Golmaal series

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