‘I want to keep dancing till my last breath’- Hema Malini

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‘I want to keep dancing till my last breath’

images‘I didn’t get enough time to spend with Dharamji since our marriage. But that’s okay.’
‘Whatever time we have together is precious and I make it a point not to crib.’

As Hema Malini turns 72 on October 16, good wishes have been pouring in from everywhere. After all, she was India’s first female superstar.

“Was I a female superstar?” she asks Subhash K Jha with a laugh.

“I don’t know. I never got a chance to assess my career, how successful I was, was I getting paid more than my colleagues… These things never mattered.”

“My mother looked after my career while I worked and worked…ek studio se doosre studio. Many of my birthdays were celebrated on studio sets. Did I mind it? I don’t know. I just remember cutting so many of my cakes on the sets surrounded by co-stars and team.”
Now it’s different.

“I am with family. My daughters, my sons-in-law, who are like the sons I never had, my grandchildren… they are with me. It feels complete! I couldn’t have hoped for more,” she adds.

Would she change anything in her life if she could?

“I don’t think I want to change anything,” she says.

“I didn’t get enough time to spend with Dharamji since our marriage. But that’s okay. Whatever time we have together is precious and I make it a point not to crib. Yeh kyon nahin kiya…woh kyon nahin kiya… Why are you late? I don’t squander my time with my loved ones complaining.”

Hema Malini, who has delivered more hits than any other female actor in Bollywood, was known to make careers.

It is rumoured that fading superstars like Dev Anand, Manoj Kumar and Rajesh Khanna requested her to work with them to revive their careers.

Hemaji doesn’t deny this myth.

“I remember doing Sanyasi with Manoj Kumar, Amir Garib with Dev saab and Premnagar with Rajesh Khanna. I think all three were superhits, but I don’t think they clicked because of me. They were well made films with very good songs. That’s why they worked. I don’t think it is right for anyone to take credit for a successful films. Every film is a team effort.”

How has Hemaji stayed so grounded in spite of such beauty and success?

“I think the secret is to not let it all go to your head,” she says.

“I have never stared at the mirror admiring myself… main kitni sundar hoon, maine kitne hit films kiye… If I thought about all this, I may have become vain. I just kept working.”

“Even now when I am more into politics than cinema, I work to my fullest. In fact, I am so tired of being at home because of COVID. I missed Parliament’s last session. I miss being with the people of my constituency in Mathura.”

What would Hemaji wish for this birthday?

“To keep dancing until my last breath. Jab tak jaan jaan-e-jahaan main nachungi.”

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